1975 IHC Half Ton 200 345 from North America


Every manufacturer should build to IHC's specifications


It's totally rusted out. (but if I lived in TX or CA, it would be perfect)

The bedsides flap in the wind like flags. (from the rust)

The driver-side gas tank hose leaks between the cap and the tank. (30 year old rubber?)

General Comments:

Fires up like new, every time.

Massive towing power. I can't find anything big enough to bog it down (which is good).

Traded in my 1998 Ford Ranger because I heard that IHCs are more reliable. Yes, they are. I lost the convenience of flipping a switch to get into 4WD, but I gained the reliability of manual hubs.

Drinks gas like college kids drink beer. Averaging about 10-12 MPG.

Bounces and shakes down the highway when the bed is empty. When loaded it's smooth.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2005

1975 IHC Half Ton 404 from North America


High performance head turner


Rear end blew up.

Gas tank rusted out.

Heater core leaked.

A/C pump seized.

Gas gauge doesn't work.

Transmission linkage loose.

Accelerator pump stuck.

General Comments:

Nice looking low-rider, needs minor body work, no end of power. Can still be hard on the tires if you want it to be. Easy to control, bad in winter.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002