1976 IHC Scout II 304 c.i. from North America


The only SUV worth a salt


Let's see... the previous owner didn't really do a good job of taking care of this car. There were problems when I bought it: the notorious "hot-start" problem with the solenoid overheating and not working, the radiator was leaking, the water pump bearings were bad, the air filter had never been replaced (ever!), the plugs were shot, the drive shaft sheared into two pieces, the alternator failed, the cooling system hoses blew apart...

General Comments:

It's still a great truck. Stock suspension and it handles 31" tires well enough to take it off-road. Mechanically, the engine is easy to work on and easy to diagnose if there's a problem. Parts are easy and inexpensive to obtain.

Owning a Scout is all warm fuzzies, I tell ya.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 10th June, 2003

16th Feb 2006, 19:16

I just bought my first scout, a 1976 Scout II, on ebay for $418. Appears pretty solid, and was driven daily. The guy says it stopped running and he has another scout as a project, so he decided to sell this one. I believe it is an awesome vehicle. The character of the vehicles speaks for itself with style. An awesome 4x4 classic bought for less than $500! I'm a lucky guy. Now I have to get down to Illinois from Ohio and figure out what's wrong with it, or relist it on ebay. I don't have a way to get to it right now, but I couldn't pass it up!