1978 IHC Scout II Traveller 345 V8 from North America


What a piece of junk


Exhaust pipes, mufflers, brakes (front and rear), distributor, carburetor, spark plug wires, fuel pump, accelerator pedal.

Hood pull, radiator, hoses, hubs, upholstery.

Rust, window shield glass, window shield leaks, rear view mirror, starter solenoid, starter switch.

Radio, lights, window lift mechanism, belts, alternator, front wheel bearings, decals, fuel cap.

It's a long list, and I may have forgotten something. Basically, if there's a part, I had to replace it.

General Comments:

Some people are going to heaven and others down there. This truck is headed down there.

If you are real lucky, it will run two weeks before falling apart again.

You had better know auto mechanics because you'll end up better than the guys at the gargage working on this one. Like my neighbor asked: "What is that thing?"

Parts aren't as hard to get as people think, most are same year Ford including wheels and brakes, and primary electrical, automatic is Chrysler's famous 727, secondary electrical, power steering, dash sockets and lights, window lifts all are GMC truck.

You won't find one at the junkyards, plus lots of aftermarket retro parts out there.

It's a Dyna 44 axle... the best.

Worst vehicle I ever owned. And this is a classic? Some people swear by them, I swear at them.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 7th January, 2010

4th Jan 2013, 17:59

"Worst vehicle (you) ever owned" and yet you had hung onto it for 31 years?