1980 IHC Scout II 304 V8 Gas from North America


An awesome classic 4x4, one tough vehicle


Ignition module at about 70k.

General Comments:

This is a super durable vehicle. The 1980 is considered the best year since it has more factory rust protection than any other year. The engine has plenty of power, adequate for towing trailers less than 4,000 lbs. This Scout has factory air and a factory towing package. The engine is commercial quality, 6 bolt mains, forged crank, it weighs over 600 lbs.

I have a Jeep also and it is fun, but it does not even come close to the quality and engineering of the Scout. Check Ebay, good Scout II's go for 5 to 12k.

An awesome classic 4x4, buy a good one, drive it like crazy, and make money when you sell it.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2006

3rd Feb 2006, 10:58

Good luck finding one that hasn't rusted to pieces. If the 1980's had better rustproofing, the earlier models must have had none.

1980 IHC Scout II 304 V8 Gas from North America


An amazing vehicle, an appreciating asset!


Changed starter solenoid at 85,000.


General Comments:

One of the best 4x4's on the planet. I also have a Jeep and it does not compare in quality, not even close.

Fuel mileage is around 9 to 13 mpg.

This one has a factory tow package with tranny cooler, heavier springs and 2 inch receiver.

This Scout has 5 seat belts since it has a front split bench.

This vehicle has been true to my family through thick and thin!

Lots of great help on the Internet with Scouts since there are so many enthusiasts.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 19:33

You want to know why this guy went from a BMW to an International Scout? Maybe he actually cares about going off-road. Play follow-the-leader with a Scout and a BMW X5. I bet the BMW bails out after 50 feet.

12th Dec 2008, 17:28

The Scout did not replace a vehicle, my wife and I bought it when we got married 20 years ago. The BMW is just the "other car". Thought people might find it interesting to see what other cars Scout owners have.

1980 IHC Scout II 345 V8 from North America


Biggest money pit I've ever owned... I can't wait to buy another one! Seriously!


Power steering pump.



Doors sometimes randomly swing open.

Windshield wiper motor stopped working.

Threw a rod.

Lots of cancer (rust).

General Comments:

The 1980 Scout II!!

Where do you start with a vehicle like this one? I have owned another since this one, and would buy another in a heartbeat!

I bought it with the 196 Slant 4 engine... What a great little engine.. The same as you see on tractors! :P

I felt like I needed a little more power out of it for the 4-wheeling I was planning on doing with it, so I put in the 345 V8 made by IH. The motor bolted in easily! I had a custom exhaust built, put in the biggest carb I could afford, aftermarket air cleaners, a 4inch lift, 36" tires, new Kayline Soft-top (These things make the COOLEST convertibles!), etc, etc, etc...

About 6 months later, and too much money poorer, as Scout parts are rather hard to find and seem to be worth more than gold, it was complete.. I had the big bad 4 wheeling monster I had been dreaming of. I know it's not that impressive in the scheme of things, but this was all I wanted, and it would do anything I needed it to.

Every good tale has to have a sad ending of some sort right?

2 months down the road, it threw a rod right through the firewall...

My fault I suppose for not having the engine completely rebuilt, but what can you do?

I was broke, and sold the entire heap of bolts for $800... the same price I had paid for the exhaust...

All in all, would I do it again?

I did... and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Check out www.binderbulletin.org for Scout madness...


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Review Date: 5th August, 2005

13th Jan 2006, 07:52

Scouts are like playing golf. You hate them when they're not working right, but you lose sleep until you can fix them. Money pit is right. I'm in mine over $1200 misdiagnosing an ignition problem alone. Long live IHC. Bill.

18th Aug 2006, 23:20

Man...I am a Scout FANATIC! My father bought a '75 brand new when I was 5. I spent a lot of time in that back seat until I finally got promoted to "driver" at 16. I held onto that beast (Ol' Bessie) until 2003 when I sold it (I didn't want to, but my wife made me because I also had a 1979 with 125K fewer miles and the larger 345ci engine). She said "choose" and I did... What can I say, I'm a "good" husband...LOL.

Trust me, there is no better 4x4 available that I have seen. The "toughest-to-find" part I have tried to find is the windshield wiper blade. Everything else, International did right - they used the best parts of the "Big 3." There's not much better than the mix and match under the hood, and personally, I would not trust anything other than the Scout II on the rugged terrain of SW Colorado! Jeep be daggum darned!

1980 IHC Scout II Limited Edition International v345 from North America


Great classic 4 wheel drive


I bought my International Scout a few years back, just as a fun 4 wheel drive. When I first got it, it seemed a little slow. After a few months, it started to pep up. I think it just needed to be driven occasionally.

I have had to do very little to keep this car running. Last year the starter had a connection problem, but that only cost me around ten dollars. The 345 just needs an oil change every few thousand miles and the automatic transmission shifts like a brand new car.

General Comments:

For a 3 ton pickup this truck handles great. When the top is off, it handles even better. The seats are very comfortable and seem to be "like new", although they may have been replaced before I got it.

Major problems lie in the undercarriage of the car. The doors stopped opening so I had to jump in. It is in the garage right now in a few thousand pieces.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003