2003 Infiniti FX45 4.5L V8 from North America


Great looks and performance with serious issues


Vibration felt through driveline when at idle... From reading it appears to be from the oil being filled to the recommended level. I have read that many people leave 1q out to stop this, but I still fill with 7q.

Door locks intermittently work. Sometimes they work fine, other times I have to use the key to unlock the driver's door and reach across to unlock the passenger door.

Engine feeling a loss of power when accelerating around 2k-3k RPM. Dealer cleaned the fuel lines, put in spark plugs, problem was fixed.

Catalytic converter went out on the left bank... Engine consuming 1q oil/week now. Probably the reason for the cat going out. Apparently this engine consumes oil regularly, 2-3q between changes from what I've heard and read on Infiniti forums. This is excessive and the exhaust tips are black from it. Have not had this diagnosed, as I'm sure it'll be a new long block (apparently many people have a problem with this) and I've read this year has "loose piston rings"... IDK, wish I could get rid of this ASAP now, which sucks.

Exhaust system rusted through in 2 places.

Due to its weight, it eats through brake pads. Went through the set that was on it when I purchased in 3 months. Bought upgraded pads that are now 5 months later, squeaking already.

General Comments:

When the car was running well, it was great. It's still a pleasure to drive, aside from constant worry about oil consumption and when the car is going to need a rebuild. Seats are comfy, have the peanut butter colored leather on black exterior. Bose system is amazing. The car looks and sounds great! I put Nitto Terra Grappler TG2 tires on this and was able to drive it through 3-4 inches of fresh snow with no worries!!! Heated seats work great in the winter, A/C works well, comfy seats, ample passenger room in the back. Trunk space is great as well.

I generally wish this was more reliable, as this would be the first car I would totally just drive into the ground. I love the looks, feel, performance, etc.

I average 17.1 MPG.

I am the second owner of this car as well.

I love Infiniti cars, my ex and I had a G35 together, and I loved it too. I just wish the reliability of my FX45 was on the same level as the G35 we had.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2015

9th Jun 2015, 21:12

It's very rare for that 4.5 V8 engine to burn oil. Unless the prior owners abused it and did not break it in properly. It might have been why the prior owner sold it.

Also you might send it out for some type of leak down compression check on it, to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. The valves... the guides... the rings... seals... or some type of simple smog defect.

For me the Infiniti FX45 is a great bang for the buck SUV. It's really a sports car disguised as an SUV. Here in southern California there are a lot of them for sale. Some below $10,000 dollars. Retail on that in 2003 was over $60,000 new.

Edmunds.com has a lot of reviews on it. Out of 131 reviews about the vehicle, 113 of them are 5 stars. But this is not a soft riding, go to the supermarket SUV... it's a Japanese hot rod with a heavy duty suspension.

2003 Infiniti FX45 4.5 from North America


Super fun to drive!!



General Comments:

A very good vehicle!

Has a stiff ride, but the handling makes it worth it. This auto is so much fun to drive.

The only improvements I would recommend, are to paint the lower valence and make navigation standard.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2005