1996 Infiniti G20 2.0 from North America


Superbly engineered and built car


Routine maintenance, that is, oil changes, brakes, etc., but very little of that.

Rear wheel bearing.

Fuel pump.

General Comments:

The car is kept in Massachusetts and has never been garaged. Every power option works perfectly as of March, 2008. Eleven years and counting. That includes the CD player, power seats, windows, mirrors, and antenna.

Close to zero maintenance required, except just routine maintenance like oil changes.

Car is combined sports car/sedan. That means it is both very smooth, and precise handling. It is not a race car, but then it wasn't intended to be.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2008

1996 Infiniti G20 2.0 SR20DE from North America


The most reliable car made


Other than routine maintenance:

Motor mounts at 150,000 miles.

Struts at 135,000 miles.

Front brake pads replaced every 65,000 miles and rears every 110,000 miles.

Valve cover gasket replaced at 125,000 miles.

Muffler replaced at 135,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is a car that with proper care and maintenance will run for a very long time. I love this car and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

1996 Infiniti G20 4 Door Sedan 2.0 from North America


This Infiniti G20 is great value


Replaced a $24 windshield moulding.

General Comments:

It's a handsome car!

The gas mileage is wonderful!

The repair cost is nominal if you maintain it.

Most of all it is made by Nissan and I have owned 6 Nissan/Infiniti vehicles.

In my opinion the G20 has BMW styling.

Oh yeah! I forgot. I wish it had cup holders!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

7th Jan 2005, 19:15

Cup holders would be great, I agree. I actually went to a junkyard and for 10 dollars bought the retractable cup holders out of a ford. I put them in myself under the CD player.

14th Sep 2006, 16:41

What kind of Ford, I see what you mean, I want in on this!!! Great car!!!

1996 Infiniti G20 2.0 from North America


Best used car today


Not much.

New battery.

Hole in the muffler,

Nothing major, two new tires, total of $100 in fixes plus gas and oil.

General Comments:

Unbelievable is the only word I can give to this car. It was truly a bargain... $8k for a 4 year old car, still feels new, beats the hell out of my old Prizm.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

1996 Infiniti G20 from North America


A pricey, easy going/driving car


Some electrical problems.

Motor mounts were blown.

No cup holder.

Most of the problems were due to the previous owner having driven it too hard. Aside from this, a generally good car.

General Comments:

Nice ride, could use a little more power and a cup holder.

Don't buy if the previous owner made "custom" mods, unless professionally done.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2000

1996 Infiniti G20 2.0 from North America


A great car to own for the long haul!


VERY, VERY little!!!

4 small warranty repairs the first 2 years I had it, then a leaking gasket and a new battery after 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

What a reliable car!!! I bought it new, and I absolutely love it!!! I speak to other G20 drivers whenever I see them, and the story's the same -- one great car to own (and drive) although I wouldn't want the newer model. It looks nice, but it's stripped down inside, and doesn't handle as well.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2000

12th Nov 2003, 16:47

The new one is "stripped down inside"?

I don't understand the merit of this comment. I have the new model:


-Auto Climate control

-In-dash AND 6 Disk trunk changer CD player and Cassette player

-Front and side airbags

-Power windows, locks, seats, mirrors, sunroof.

How is that stripped compared to yours?

10th Jan 2005, 10:41

Because the later/newer ones are NOT stripped down as much as the P10. This guy obviously doesn't know enough about the P11s.

15th Mar 2005, 16:44

From what I read in consumer reports a few years back they felt the the quality of the interior: seating, plastics, etc was not as good on the newer G20s and that the car had more of a luxury suspension (ie softer) than the previous edition.. I would venture to say everyone is right here, there are certainly more options on the newer cars, progress is expected after all.

3rd Dec 2005, 00:33

I own a 1996 P10 but have driven and am quite familiar with the P11 as well. While the P11 has more interior content (mainly the Bose, side-airbags and auto-ac) the P10 is definitely finished to a higher standard. The P11 lacks the P10's nicely contrasted door panels. Further, the P11's interior door handles are less attractive (subjective, of course) and feel rather insubstantial. In general, the P11's interior just lacks the P10's European flair. That said, I love both of them.

1996 Infiniti G20 2.0 from North America


Big problems with the electrics


Actually the first thing that went wrong with the car was the front brakes over and over again. Still this was a nice car and all then I started feeling the transmission slip at certain times so I just said forget about it. Then one cold Georgia morning the car wouldn't go into gear at all, it was as if I wasn,t putting it in gear at all. Well the dealer came and got it and fixed it free of charge.. course in exchange I got a huge scratch down the side of my car that they said was already there. Anyway after that the car did very well until one afternoon me and my wife went out to dinner.. suddenly we hear that a car is on fire! Well wouldn't you know it, it the was the G20 a blaze in all its glory. Electrical fire. The car now sits in the back of my brother inlaws shop awaiting its fate as a parts car.

General Comments:

Nice car but beware of the small things that turn into big problems.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2000

18th Jun 2001, 21:39

I gather you would not recommend buying this infinity. I was going to purchase one tomorrow. Please reply ASAP> nkirbyr@aol.com.

26th Aug 2004, 23:08

It's a perfect car, just bought one today!

7th Jan 2005, 18:44

For three years I drove a 1996 G20 and loved it! I had no major problems at all. I cried for a week afters someone hit me, and I had to junk it. I would recommend this car to anyone!