2001 Infiniti G20 Base 2.0 from North America


The reviews don't lie, it just keeps running


Motor mounts 2014 - fixed with the windshield glue trick.

Starter died in 2015.

MAF sensor died in 2015.

eBay MAF sensor died in 2016.

Starter from Auto Zone died in 2016, right past warranty. Junk yard starter - still working.

Passenger window button, kinda broke, needed extra push pressure bushings!?

The back wheels always made a clatter sound the entire life of the car. I assume it was the struts, brake guard or old bushings, but I could never find the source.

Changed synthetic oil every 15k miles.

General Comments:

I bought this car because it fit all my needs and because of the reviews on this very site. I was not disappointed! I got this to drive for Lyft at the time and put a lot of miles on it; drove from NM to NC multiple time with no problems.

The sunroof never leaked.

Only time it failed me was the 2nd and 3rd starter.

The car looked rough when I bought it; front leather seats were ripped and worn; got seat covers.

The car came from Florida, and was noticeably rusted and the paint was wearing. I initially gave it full tune up after I bought it, and then rarely ever had to work on it after that.

I drove to NC again its 7th trip, abused it a little more by driving over poorly cut forest that scrapped the undercarriage, and nearly ripped off the bumper, still worked, gave it to my niece, then she hydroplaned and finally lost the back bumper, but it still runs and is over 250k miles. I barely took care of it.

I really I miss this car and regret not getting the manual variant. Never had a IACV problem, sprayed some cleaner in the intake every half year. But yeah they had so few typical problems. These really are fuel efficient tanks! Best MPG was driving across flat midwest ~35 MPG, typical MPG was 29.


Drink holders - just get some aftermarket ones.

Turning radius - not a deal breaker, but you can turn things into 3 point turns.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2018

2001 Infiniti G20 from North America



General Comments:

Great car, was bought brand new in 2001 by parents.

Luxury, yet a great commute car.

Aside from the general maintenance, I haven't had any trouble with it.

I would definitely buy another G20 if they still made this model. I plan to keep this car for a good while.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2010

2001 Infiniti G20 2.0 liter from North America


A very nice car


I've had this car since May 2002, and the only thing that went bad is the O2 sensor. Cup holders could be better, turning radius is to wide, power is a little low on the low end, but for economy that's to be expected.

General Comments:

I have the luxury model with leather interior. My wife and I have loved this car ever since we bought it. It fits our style, sporty and a little luxury. I love the Bose stereo system, the auto air, and the sun roof. Gas mileage is pretty good also. Over all look is my style. Oh... it really handles the road really good also, I had to hit the brakes once at 60 mph to miss a deer and the car handled excellent.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2005

2001 Infiniti G20 Touring 2.0 Litre from North America


Quick, efficient, luxurious, and practical at a very reasonable price.


Intermittent rattle at idle, presumably a heat-shield (yet virtually unnoticeable).

Keyless-entry remote control doesn't always work on the first try, even when 2 feet away from the car.

General Comments:

Excellent value for the money. I'm an unemployed college student and even I can afford it on my limited salary! My first new car and loving it.

Unexpectedly generous amounts of headroom, even with a sunroof.

Unbelievable handling. Freeway interchanges at 85 mph and the car asks for more.

Low-end torque is marginal at best, but this engine comes alive above 4000 rpm.

Brakes are excellent. Very powerful and the ABS is very subtle when activated.

Turning radius is poor (worse than the I30). Standard U-turns usually require 3-point maneuver.

Climate control has some difficulty cooling on a hot day around town. On freeway, it works perfectly and doesn't affect gas mileage.

Cupholders were an after-thought. Cannot hold anything more than medium drink WITHOUT a straw. Passenger's "clips" onto map pocket and sometimes falls out of car when passenger exits.

No glove compartment light! I have to turn on overhead light to see at night.

Car looks and feels very sport, solid, and safe.

My neighbors and friends can't stop complimenting me on this car.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

1st Feb 2005, 09:12

My name is Raj Krishnasarma, and I am a College student with a 2001 Infiniti G20. I have had it since high school, and I haven't had any problems with it. It will be for 4 years in April since we have purchased our Infiniti. The G20 is good because it has both a sporty and a business look to it. I can't believe it's been 4 years, and people still ask me is that a new car Raj. Because I bought a titanium color and I try to wash it every two weeks, both the Interior and exterior. I wish the car was still on the Market, all it's really lacking is performance. The reason why some people won't buy a G20 because it's a Sentra, but I got a great deal on it. Before buying the car we looked at the 4 runner, Acura Integra and Camry. The Camry was overpriced and the 4 runner I wanted, but a car was something I was looking for. When we looked at the G20 my parents were very much impressed, and the looks and the handling was nice. So we bought it. I can't really ask for too much mostly this was my parents call, and I respect everything about what they have done. I can go on and on about it all day. Can't ask for a better car to drive.

Raj. Nashville TN.

3rd Apr 2005, 20:18

I bought my G20 in April of 2003 and love it. Prior to my G20 had an Altima SE, 5 speed and loved it, then I took the plunge and bought a new 2002 Nissan Maxima and fell in love with it. After having my Maxima for 3 months I was hit as a woman ran a red light and had about $14k in damamge... the car just never felt the same. The car was repaired and then had my headlights stolen (xenon)..what a mess. I then decided to go for a G20, bought it with 24K miles and I have about 78K now. The car is solid, sporty and yet very conservative. I love the handing and it's very, very economical... although I do wish there was more cup holders, I hear that was an after thought. My 2002 G20 is black/black with a spoiler, fog lights, the works... too bad they don't make them any more... I always get comments on it... great car for the price, especially when bought used. Go Infiniti!


New Jersey.

31st Oct 2006, 13:47

My Name is Raj, I'm a college student with an Infiniti G20.

Haven't had any problems with it. It's an 2001, and have had it for 5 years now.

The G20 is both sporty and yet classy. All it's lacking is performance because of the Sentra engine.

The car looks brand new, and has been serviced regularly. I plan to keep this until it dies out on me. It has 67K miles, which isn't too much for a Japanese car.