2007 Infiniti G35 5AT 3.5 Liter VQ35DE from North America


The perfect business coupe/sports car


The window buttons light went out right away on the drivers side (not like I care).

The 8 speaker Bose system faded out and wouldn't turn on once, never happened again.

The plastic on the grille bubbled in one place. (All of which is covered under the warranty and I have been just too damn lazy to take care of it.)

Oh, and don't get the bluetooth compatibility if it's an option; it does not work that well.

General Comments:

To start out with, I have always been an American car guy until I owned my first Nissan. I have always had a healthy distaste of Japanese engineering because of the Japanese cars I had been in up until my first Nissan. Not that I am putting Honda or Subaru or any others down, I just happen to be a Nissan fan.

I bought my G35 new off of the lot, when it was a year old. I got a great deal on it. I always thought they had the lines of a fighter jet and sounded awesome. I was required by that that woman that I married to to give up my 240 SX SE (which I had other plans for) to get this car.

My 240 was great on gas, great on handling, stopped on a dime and ran like a champ. I loved that car, and I had to trade it in on the G35 and I regret it to this day.

From the second I laid eyes on my first G35 coupe I wanted one. Does that give you an idea of how I feel?

I love the lines, I love the light cluster configurations, I love the door lines and the roof. Unfortunately I do not share this love with the new G37 bodystyle.

I am also insistent that all of my cars be front engine rear wheel format. So yet again another big plus. (no, not because I drift my cars)

The car gives me about 23.5 miles to the gallon on premium, and the 270 horses it produces is very impressive for a v6. I might at some point get a cat-back (when the stock system fails if it ever fails) and plenum spacer with a cold air intake, but that's all I would ever consider doing to it. The car is very nice the way it is.

As far as transmission goes, I like an automatic for work so I didn't even consider the 6mt.

I didn't like the larger rims, due to the fact that the car was going to be driven as a work vehicle, and may see potholes when I'm several hours away from home. I feel that I got screwed by the dealership by a salesman that didn't know that the package I got didn't have the limited slip diff. (He said it did and that was something I also insist on having in a car)

Not a huge fan of the auto stick feature, due to the fact that it has a slight shift delay, but it does shift well after a quick second. (I never use that feature on the car anyway, and didn't intend to when I bought the car)

It is very snappy and is pretty good on gas. It is perfect to put back the sunroof put down the windows and cruise through the Pennsylvania countryside. I honestly do find excuses to drive this car.

So far only stupid things have broken as I listed above. It hasn't given me any problems really.

I do wish the car was a little more spacious inside at times, due to me being 6"00. But for the most part I fit just fine.

I got a great deal on mine, and you will be happy with this car if you decide to get one. My only problem with owning it in general is that I am obsessive over where I park it, and it usually makes me park in the middle of nowhere and walk because I don't want anything to touch it.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2008

11th May 2009, 20:02

I also have 07 coupe and I love it. I can relate with the parking, hate parking on the street mainly, because the Athens blue color catches a lot of attention. My wife knows that my trips to Supermarket turns into long quests for curvy roads. Loooooove this car.

2007 Infiniti G35 G 35x 306 HP from North America


Great all weather car


Car over heated and stranded me-or course we were out of cell phone range.

I limped the car home, set an appt with my local dealer where he not only fixed the overheating problem (wiht a new radiator), but he also replaced the A/C since the two are connected. (And of course we had a free loaner car while the car was in).

General Comments:

We love the car! Looked at all the competitors and came back to the Infiniti.

The BMW was too small-NO back seat room, so we even looked at the 5 serious, but it was $15,000 more and almost 100 less HP!!

The small Lexus (250) was OK, but under powered-and NO backseat.

The only other car I really considered was the new Mercedes, but they had such a bad reliability record that (and the higher cost) drove me away.

I bought the "X", which has all wheel drive, it is great in rain (Oregon here:), and even better in snow!

The cars power is awesome and it handles like is on rails.

I do wish it had a 6, or 7 speed automatic for the mileage..Maybe next year. (The mileage is the only “bad” point-but with its power it is to be expected.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2008

28th Apr 2010, 12:06

Looking at buying one and just wondering what the gas mileage is? You mentioned it could be better...

2007 Infiniti G35 G35X 3.5 liter V6 from North America


If you want to invest in a Euro style sports sedan without the big price, this car is a great choice


The car pulls to the left, a common problem with Infiniti cars. The dealer will fix this, but it still slightly pulls.

General Comments:

The Infinti G35 was a great investment. The value for the money is purely awesome. When I drive it, it feels like I'm in a $60, 000 Mercedes-Benz. The straight line Performance is thrilling, and the handling is great especially in the winter (this is the G35X all-wheel-drive model). There is the expected understeer in the all-wheel-drive model, and the 200+ pounds of added all-wheel-drive hardware make it the slowest and worst handling Infinit G, but the most practical.

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Review Date: 8th December, 2007

10th Dec 2007, 11:30

Mine G35 early 2006 6-speed sport pulls to the left. I had my wheels realigned at 13,000 miles and now at 25,000 miles it pulls again. The same problem exist on Altima/Maxima. Very anoying. This might be a deal breaker for me next year when I look for a new car.