30th Jul 2010, 14:21

I had squeaking problems in my G35; turns out it is a known problem of back seat brackets.

27th Sep 2010, 20:19

Is the clutch in the G35 2005 better than the clutch in G35 2004, or do the same problems exist? I need an answer because I'm going to buy a 2005 G35, and the clutch problems may change my mind.

4th Oct 2010, 15:56

I have a 04 G35 6mt with the gold Brembo brakes. I had to replace the clutch at 75,000 miles. Instead of putting in the stock clutch, for an extra 4 hundred bucks, you can put a racing clutch with a flywheel like the Act brand.

The rpm dropped, allowing higher rpm before shifting, I save more gas, shorter shifting, and I felt the difference. The only trade off is that if you shift prematurely, it makes a noise. The Nissan stock clutch eliminated the noise, but traded off some power.

7th Nov 2010, 09:08

About how much to replace a 2004 G-35 with 74,500 miles CLUTCH? Getting worse by the day. Stuck in Nashville until Weds, dealership and home in Huntsville, AL. Help!

17th Jan 2011, 16:33

My 04 G coupe's gas gauge rarely reads full when I fill the tank. This started about 2-3 years after I bought it. Any ideas why?

P.S. I am the original owner, driving in AZ and have had NO problems other than a (brembo) brake job which I did NOT get through the dealership because they wanted my first-born. Hmmm. I should have thought that one through...

16th Feb 2011, 09:57

The gas tank not measuring full is something I have on my 04 as well. I was told that the sensors in the fuel tank need to be replaced to solve the issue ($1000 job). So I passed and just deal with it.

9th Apr 2012, 17:04

Yes, a stage 2 clutch will work just fine, and you will feel your car go a lot faster.

18th Mar 2013, 07:03

So why don't you just shut the VDC off if you are wanting to spin the rear wheels and slide, if that's what you want.

Other than that, instead of slamming the gas at the beginning and letting the VDC engage, let the car actually get traction and build into the RPM range. This car gets optimum HP and torque at 4800. Not that you should be putting it there often, but I can smoke an Integra only half pushing the pedal the whole time...

15th Aug 2016, 20:46

I am about to buy a well serviced 2004 G5. It has 104K miles on it, which means they drove it an average of 9500 miles a year. If maintained properly, how many miles with one go?