2008 Infiniti G37 V6 from North America


Do not buy a G37


This car is the second worst car I've ever owned.

It is horribly uncomfortable. The seats are torture after about 30 minutes. The seat won't go low enough for my legs to be at the right position in relation to the pedals.

The A/C system is ridiculous. It won't blow warm out out of the upper vents. It will only blow warm air when it determines you deserve it, not when you want it, and only at your feet. You can't select a vent. It always leaves the A/C on super cold and just turns the fan down.

The dual zone must be a gimmick, because it doesn't work at all. I want heat to combat the 68 degrees coming from the other half of the car. But it can't handle that. I just get a slightly lower fan setting with max A/C. I have to shut the vents on my side, even when I'm driving alone in the car. See above, if the car is on, the A/C is on Max, always. Only the fan speed changes. I'm always cold in this car. I live in Texas, it's hot here. I guess if you love being super cold this A/C system will be your dream.

The dash has cracked, horribly. Very ugly now.

The infotainment screen is also bad. Too bright, but you can't turn it off because every time you touch the A/C controls it turns back on. The sudden flash is worse at night than the constant glare.

The back seats are purely theoretical. Which I don't care about, I don't need them for anything but my purse, but I felt I should warn you. Only someone under 5' fits.

General Comments:

It's fast. It corners well. It's good that it's fast, because I hate driving or riding in it and I want out!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 13th April, 2019

2011 Infiniti G37 Base 3.7 V6 NA from Taiwan


Fun to drive, ride is still comfortable


Sometimes, after braking hard, there's a strange shudder when braking again.

General Comments:

Very powerful, responsive and smooth V-6 engine.

Road handles pretty well.

Fuel consumption rate is not very good; average 10 km/L on premium gasoline (23 mpg).

Quiet cabin. However, road noise is prominent when driving on coarse tarmac.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th February, 2012