1990 Infiniti Q45 4.5L V8 from North America


World class luxury and performance for and unbeatable price


Keep in mind that this is a 17 year old car with lots of gadgets and high miles!

Fuel Pump failed and took out the fuel pump computer with it.

Front Suspension bushings and struts wore out and were replaced.

Power window mechanism broke in the rear doors, both sides at different times.

Transmission is making funny noises, but hasn't broken yet.

ABS acts strangely when backing down a steep incline, the brakes suddenly let go for a split second and make a nasty noise.

BOSE audio started behaving strangely, so I installed my own sound system. BOSE sucks anyways.

General Comments:

The car is a pleasure to drive, the v8 is incredibly smooth and powerful. Off the line its not that fast due to the tall gearing and transmission tuned for smooth shifting. On the highway it is a totally different animal. I've heard rumors that the factory underrated the hp, and that its closer to 320hp rather than 278. I believe it.

Handling wise, it handles well, not quite on par with sports sedans like BMW's, but it is a very heavy car and tends to bob a bit on uneven surfaces. The chassis is very solid and quiet at any speed.

Interior quality is quite good, no rattles even at 180k miles. Climate control works well, but likes to blast the fan on full which is a bit noisy.

Another unique feature of the Q is that nobody realizes how old it is. The car was really ahead of its time in styling, and I still get comments on how nice of a car it is especially after a ride. People are shocked when I tell them how old it is.

Overall, these cars are worth it for the mechanically inclined due to the low initial price. However, If I had to go to the dealer for every issue I would not be as happy.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2007

1990 Infiniti Q45 Touring 4.5 Litre Quad Cam V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant, Nothing will Prise Me out of it, Ever!!!


Climate Control LED Display works Intermittently.

General Comments:

I was Looking to buy a Used Late Model Mitsubishi Magna (Diamante in US), When I spotted Her sitting in the Dealers Yard. It was Love at First Sight!!

"Black Betty", as I call Her, had just been Complianced in Australia after recently arriving from Japan. I had Driven many Cars that week, but nothing compared to my Test Dive in the Infiniti.

It was Such a Beautiful Car, I couldn't actually see Myself Owning it, but the Price was a Bargain- Cheaper than Many Inferior Vehicles.

I was concerned Insurance would be Expensive, but a Quick Phone call revealed it was Cheaper than for My Current Old Hack!!

I have never regretted Buying it, except for the fact that People keep bugging Me to Ask if I'm the Owner, and What sort of Car is it?? This happens at Most Shopping Malls and Car Parks. People actually think they are Looking at an Aston Martin or Maserati!! When I tell them it's an Infiniti, I then have to Explain about the Marque.

It gets far more Stares than a Porsche or Mercedes and You have to get used to People pulling up beside You on Motorways to get a Better Look!!

But it Drives Like a Dream, is Comfortable and Spares Don't seem all that much a Problem as they are Available new from Nissan or Used from US Wrecking Yards, for Bargain Prices. I have also seen complete Engines with Low K's for $1000 or so, in Australia.

This is the Only Car that I have ever Owned that I can never see Myself Selling. Even if I Run it into the Ground, I will probably Restore it. It wouldn't matter what You Spent on it if You were never going to get Rid of it...

My whole Family Loves it and I have found it Ideal on Long Trips up the Coast. It has almost every Luxury Known to Man, and I never Tire of Driving it, although I am Starting to use it less Frequently to Preserve it.

I almost Bought a Lexus LS400, but I thought the Infiniti was Better in Most areas and it was Cheaper and More Exclusive. It is Also Much Sportier, Sounds and Handles Like a V8 Supercar when Hammered, although it is also a Wonderful Cruiser.

If there's any Drawback with this Car, it's Telling People it's a 1990 Model- It Doesn't Look it!!

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Review Date: 19th June, 2006

1990 Infiniti Q45 from North America


The ultimate driving machine


I had to replace the transmission.

I had to replace the Bose system.

The AC is broken.

The sun roof is broken.

I will have them both fixed on Friday, my car is paid for!!!

This repair bill is a small price to pay.

General Comments:

This is a very fast car, and it has so much power.

This is a very comfortable car.

I sell houses in my baby!

I brought her from an auction for $2,650.00. I have made tens of thousands of dollars!!!

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Review Date: 12th June, 2001

26th Jul 2002, 12:49

I just read the review on the 1990 Infiniti Q45. The four things that have gone wrong in their vehicle have also gone wrong on my 1990 Q45. My vehicle is at the transmission shop as I write this. The only thing missing is having to replace the power steering.

28th Jun 2007, 15:23

The ultimate Driving Machine? That's BMW's slogan.