14th Apr 2004, 16:32

Surely you jest? You buy a luxury car with 155,000 miles and expect that it will be perfect? Depreciation is a wonderful thing, I buy used car myself, but when you buy with over 100,000...you WILL have costs and those cost increase almost exponentially with expensive cars. And, don't tell me it is better with Honda, Toyota etc. Having just sold my 1993 Acura Legend, I can tell you the story is the same. Bought is with 43,000 miles. GREAT car..but, at 123,000, one of the injectors malfunctioned and fried a cylinder. After a top end redo, everything was fine. Smaller costs started at 150,000 miles.. including suspension. Then, at about 180,000, the headgasket blew. Dealer wanted about $3k and independents wanted closer to $2k. Needless to say, the car wasn't worth it to me and I sold it. All in all, really hated to see the Legend go, but am very happy with my Q45 (which had 23,000 mile on it when I bought it)..and hope to see between 150-200,000 before I have any major problems. At that point, I expect it and so should you... even under the best of circumstances. So, stop whinning and buy an old VW Bug (parts are cheap).

23rd Jul 2004, 11:55

Not a bad car at all. So far I have replaced the alternator and belts. I had to by four new tires. Sigmas work okay, but don't try to drive in the rain unless you are on the highway. Blessed to have factory chrome hammer type rims with infiniti logo. Don't see too many people with these!

Car was not driven for a while and was garaged so it needs minor paint job. Bought it in february with 136k miles. I put almost 10k on it, but mostly highway miles. Radar detectors come in handy with this car. I have clocked over 150 mph in one before, though not mine... My compressor just went out last month. It is suggested that you buy a book and make repairs yourself!