19th Dec 2006, 20:06

It is very sad that Infiniti stopped making the QX4 to start making the QX56. The replacement vehicle is nothing like the original, and has had poor reliability. I love my QX4 and would like to get another one, but the newest one you can get is an 03. I don't mind used, but that model will already be 4 years old in January...Sad...

16th Jan 2007, 16:47

I totally agree with the above comment that Infiniti should have continued with a QX version of the Pathfinder.

The QX56 is much too large for our needs and the styling is not to our taste.

Using the current Pathfinder as the basis for another QX# Infiniti model would be a win/win for all.

16th Jan 2007, 17:02

They would have to pull off an amazing styling job because the current pathfinder is incredibly ugly.

13th Sep 2008, 12:34

I don't know about this vehicle, but reading all the comments regarding this SUV makes me convinced of buying a second hand one in my area with a 50000 km. mileage. But I'm biased if I will consider buying a second hand Landcruiser Prado.

25th Mar 2009, 04:33

Before buying my Land Cruiser, I looked at the QX4 and generally came away with a very favorable impression.

The deciding factors were the QX4's lack of interior space for my needs.

I agree with the other commentor, Nissan should have continued the QX4 with the current Pathfinder. Except make the Infiniti version made in Japan instead of N.A.

26th Oct 2009, 13:05

These comments are correct. I've recently bought a 2002 QX4 with approx. 140k miles. It was obviously well cared for. It looked and drove as if it had 14k, no squeaks or rattles, solid on the move and at idle. The mileage isn't the best, but that's about it for the negatives. Really excels if you want a dependable, nicely appointed camping vehicle.

9th Jul 2010, 10:29

I have a Infiniti Qx4 98 with 160000, and I am the 4th owner, and the SUV still rides like a new car.

There are not many problems; just change the oil, and it already has new tires, and is a smooth ride that I feel is a great car.

I am thinking to buy another one in the future; maybe a 2002 model, but I'm telling you I recommend that brand 100%.

Thank you!! Mineola New York.