2015 Infiniti QX80 5.6 from North America


A perfect and imperfect vehicle


Front brakes, normal wear item.

Cabin air filter, normal wear item.

Engine air filter, normal wear item.

8 OEM spark plugs, preventative maintenance.

Front right fender cover clips broken, purchased online because the dealer does not sell individual clips.

General Comments:

Am writing this review as context for others who are considering this vehicle (used) for moving family and towing. Second owner of the vehicle for six months now, writing about initial observations. Purchased from used car dealer in 2023 for $22,XXX before tax.

Background: Family of two adults and four children, under the age of 16, using the QX80 to also tow a 3,500 lbs travel trailer. Midwest state with minimal elevation and four seasons of weather.


1) More than adequate power fully loaded with family and towing a trailer. No issues merging on to ramps or keeping up with interstate highway speeds (although self-governed to 65 mph when towing). Was worried about buying an "over miles" vehicle, but engine and transmission are solid so far. Without passengers or towing, the vehicle has effortless power, barely have to step on gas pedal to move.

2) First two rows of leather seats are extremely plush, comfortable, and supportive. Second row seats have no option to adjust forward/back, but second row has plenty of leg room for juveniles. Have the heated and cooled front seats option, and they work as intended.

3) Commanding view of road from driving position, the vehicle sits as high up as pickup trucks and much higher than normal cars and SUVs on the road.

4) Impressive technology and safety suite for a car from 2015. Lane keeping warning, auto-braking, radar cruise, blind spot monitoring, 3D parking camera, touch screen display, all work and are intuitive (easy) to use. Also has the entertainment package with the monitors on the back of the front headrests, and the kids really enjoy it.

5) Vehicle is physically huge, but does not feel like it when driving. Has tremendous isolation from road and wind noise. Wife commented one time that "it does not feel like we're going 70" on the highway. Switched from a minivan, and the driving dynamics are basically the same. Suspension, cornering, and braking are a solid package and it does not feel like you are operating a barge.

6) Fit and finish is on par with a luxury brand. Of course, this depends on the care of the previous owner, but the interior was not torn to pieces and small details of chrome trim and wood are still in great condition. The window and center dash buttons still feel "clicky" like new. Night time illumination works and there are no dead LEDs or pixels on infotainment screen. Driver seat adjustments work. Sunroof and rear hatch open and close without drama.


1) Did some research on this vehicle before purchase, and I concur with the main gripes of poor fuel economy with a laughably unreliable physical gas gauge.

Gas gauge needle goes from completely full to 3/4 full in about 50 miles of driving, and seems to really like to hang between the 1/2 to 1/4 range. Digital "range remaining" gauge has never been verified. Even after resetting the digital fuel economy display, the vehicle still claims 14 mpg average. Gets very spendy to operate when using premium fuel (as suggested by manufacturer).

2) Third row leg room is almost useless for full-sized adults. Luckily, kids are skinny and short and fear God so they do not complain. This model has the divided captain chairs in the middle, and seats have to be completely folded before third row can exit.

3) Storage behind third row when the seats are up is comically small. Just for your reading pleasure, it measures +/- 19 inches deep about 50 inches wide.

Vertical storage is limited to the recline of the third row seats as well. Basically, just enough for about five bags of groceries. Luckily, our vacations include towing a travel trailer that holds all of our gear. Otherwise, this is a poor choice for storage for an extended road trip.

4) First world problem, but there is limited storage in the driver area. Two cup holders, a small lifting armrest, and a door cubby is basically it. Really no place to put your phone, wallet, knife, napkins, etc for easy reach.

5) Not encountered, YET, but predicting that the cost to replace 22 inch tires is going to be zero fun. BTW, these are the heaviest wheel/tire combo that I have ever lifted. Something to consider if you wrench on your own car and have to be careful about throwing your back out.

6) It is a luxury car that demands luxury prices for replacement car parts. OEM parts are expensive, and aftermarket parts online are higher than a "normal" brand (e.g. spark plugs, brakes). Vehicle came without the rear infotainment remote control, and buying a used one online is +$100.

7) As mentioned earlier, the vehicle is huge. It is difficult to park in a normal parking lot space without the 3D camera because you cannot see where the hood ends. When you do finally get lined up evenly between the lines (because you are not a jerk) there is minimal space to open the door to get out. Parking in the garage in our circa 1980's home is also a challenge. Modern garages may not suffer from that problem.

8) As mentioned earlier, the vehicle is tall and rear storage is limited. Unless you are seven feet tall, reaching a roof rack for storage, or even reaching halfway across the roof (regular car washing) is impossible. Small children will not be able to physically climb to get into the vehicle and will require adult help every time. Upon exiting, they will jump out because it is "fun" and it will scare the junk out of you every time.

Hope the info helps. Thanks for reading!

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Review Date: 26th July, 2023

30th Jul 2023, 03:18

Nicely detailed review - thanks :)