2001 Isuzu Axiom from North America


Never ever ever again, what a piece of absolute garbage!


T-R-A-N-S-M-I-S-S-I-O-N!!! Thank god for warranties! I got it to the dealership with 8 miles to go before the warranty was up. It took 2 weeks to fix because I insisted on a brand new transmission (after reading numerous sites like this, users said don't trust a rebuilt one). There was apparently only one new tranny in the whole U.S. Unbelievable. The guy I sold it to called me 3 months after I sold it to tell me the NEW tranny ALSO went bad on him.

Gas guzzler... averaged 13 mpg always. It drained my wallet substantially due to where I live, gas is HIGH.

Audio customization is a joke. The radio and A/C are all one unit & if you'd like a new radio, forget the creature comfort of cold air in the summer or heat in the winter.

RESALE VALUE! Ha, yeah sold for $3,000 under KBB. Almost couldn't pay to get rid of this heap.

I hated the electronic gas meter display. If you were 50 miles to empty, the meter stops counting down & you'd just have to guestimate.

Complete lack of engine, exterior and interior upgrades.

Auto Sunroof motor would stall half-way when closing and you'd have to hit it again to close the rest of the way.

General Comments:

Even though I may say some good things about this P.O.S., don't think about buying one. If someone offers you a great deal on one, just run... run far, far away.

A very unique ride is why I was attracted to it. The exterior and interior are very stylish and gadgety.

The car was powerful and had get up and go. If it wasn't for the horrible MPG, it would make a great road trip car.

That's about all you're going to get out of me... thank god this LEMON is out of my life.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2008

2002 Isuzu Axiom from North America


Looks Nice, but not for the long haul


The transmission went at 80,000 miles and cost about $2500 to replace.

Just 4 months later, the compressor for the air conditioning unit died, resulting in the entire air conditioning unit to be replaced, which ran another $2000 in parts and labor.

CD Changer does not always work.

General Comments:

I initially decided on the Isuzu Axiom car because of the large amounts of space/headroom and yet it was a smaller-end SUV. It also felt more like a car to drive, rather than a large truck. You didn't need running boards, or take a running leap to get inside. The trunk was bigger than any other SUV out there at the time.

I loved to drive the Isuzu Axiom, and I always got comments on it. There are not a lot of Axioms out there, and people often inquired about it. It was definitely noticed.

However, if you are planning on getting this car for the long haul, it may not be the one for you. After the car crossed the 78,000 mile mark it simply began to, well, fall apart.

The CD changer began to work intermittently, not a big deal, but definitely annoying. Then the transmission went at 80,000 miles. I do have to give the car credit though, the transmission light came on, I promptly took to my local mechanic who told me there was nothing wrong and turned the light off. One week later, I needed a new transmission. This was around Christmas of 2006.

Then springtime of 07 came around. Its getting warm outside, I turn on my air conditioning and I am getting nothing, but hot air. On top of that, the car is making an awful sound when you turn the ignition. After $180 to take a look, I am told that the compressor is gone and the entire air conditioning system needs to be replaced. Another $2000 down the drain.

So, after nearly $5000 in repairs in just six months, we've decided to trade the Axiom in for a more reliable car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2007