18th Apr 2004, 17:37

I owned an'89 or '90 I-Mark (got it new with 3000kms on it). I loved it when I had it. It was a 4 door auto, & it was sporty looking & easy to drive. Nothing at all went wrong with it until the third year I had it - the fuel line caught fire when my ex-husband parked it to go to work, & it was wrote off. Not sure exactly how that happened - it was a few years ago.

I do miss that car!

16th Feb 2006, 20:21

I had an 89 RS, red with the Recaro package. Really loved that car. I messed up the unibody and it couldn't be aligned right, so eventually let it go. 140,000 miles and clutch and engine were great. Very peppy and fun to drive. Miss that car, wish they still made them.

16th Jul 2009, 20:57

I had an '89 I-Mark RS when I was in high school in the mid 90s. The car was in perfect trim, and looked more stylish than most of the new cars the others kids had been bought.

It was a beautiful silver, almost a metal flake but not quite with the mid-rear window spoiler, had the Recaro interior (I LOVED that interior), the Lotus suspension, and the DOHC motor (I preferred this to the turbo SOHC option. I put on a classy set of wheels on it (not chromed out trash) and it was PERFECT!!!. I had an alarm, 2 hidden immobilisers, and the club on it, and someone still managed to steal my baby from me while I was working at the local mall. (rot in fiery agony you scum)

I swear I would take that car new over just about anything on the market today. I have compared every car I have ever bought to it, and of course, none have even come close to matching up. :(

If you got 'em, enjoy 'em folks!!!

20th Jan 2011, 23:13

I still have the 1989 I-Mark RS model, Lotus suspension, 2 door hatch back, "Handling by Lotus" with the Recaro seats.

The mileage is well over 225,000 miles and it still does not burn any oil. The red paint job could be renewed, Recaro seats are a little shabby, but still comfortable.

I love this car and it is a daily driver also (when ever I'm not riding my motorcycles). Nothing wrong with the engine or tranny, just some cosmetic work on the outside and inside.

The only major things I have ever had to do to it were replace the computer and replace the distributor (which is a bad design).

It's still as fast as the day I bought it and I can see it going well over 400,000 plus miles, as long as I do the regular maintenance.