1st Apr 2005, 05:11

I saw one of these only yesterday and they still look fantastic in an 80's kind of way. It reminds me of a cross between a DeLorean DMC-12 and a VW Scirocco - that is supposed to be a complement by the way.

The turbo on the Isuzu engine physically works the same as on any other. It needs both RPM and throttle opening to generate boost.

23rd Aug 2005, 12:33

I just wanted to comment on the "cross between a Delorean and a scirocco". That is a very good eye. These three cars were all designed together (along with the BMW M1) by the same italian designer. I am on my third Piazza now. I love them. Maybe I can keep everyone from running into this one.

11th Jan 2006, 09:48

When I was growing up as a kid, just next to my house was a dealership that only sold Isuzu Piazza Turbo's. I used to walk past them every day on the way to school and though they were the most beautiful car on the road. I loved the Turbo signs they had, I used to think they must be soo fast.

I guess that's why I also loved the VW Scirocco, as its been pointed out they were by the same designer. If I am ever rich enough to have more than one car then I would definitely get a Isuzu Piazza and a Scirocco - oh and a Lotus Elite turbo. Oh the memories of the 80's.

28th Sep 2007, 15:03

Just bought a piazza turbo for 200 quid. Wicked car goes like stink. Not as refined as my xr4i though, but still 200 quid bargain!!

16th Jul 2009, 05:51

I have had 15 Piazza's, only 2 have survived my wrecking yard... most of them were worn out junkers, we (Australia) never got the Lotus tuned versions, if we had maybe they wouldn't of been so hated.