1992 Isuzu Rodeo 3.1 V6 from North America


I bought a 1992 Rodeo 3.1 Liter V6 automatic 4 wheel drive new from a dealer.

The two rear side windows cracked at 4 months.

The engine blew its heads at 70,000 miles and Isuzu refused to replace it. I have always done oil changes etc every 3 months. I spent $3,600.00 for a new engine through Jasper.

At 90,000 miles replaced all brakes twice in one year.

The pin kept sticking and ruined the rotors.

Last year the rear end seized up and spent $1,300.00.

The Transfer case has now seized and the 4 wheel drive no longer works.

Now I am being told the fly wheel is shot!

When it runs it runs great, when it breaks down its always expensive.

I do not off road this vehicle or treat it rough which is what it acts like I do to it!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

1992 Isuzu Rodeo LS 3.1 from North America


You get more than what you pay for


Speedometer cable broke at about 115000k.

Fuel pump went out (this is the most expensive part a replaced on this car) $215.

Radiator replaced at almost 200k.

Clutch started slipping two years ago, still going.

General Comments:

This is the best car I ever owned, at this mileage motor/trans still running strong, some rust has built up around fenders, very good room front and back.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2005

1992 Isuzu Rodeo LS from North America


I love my '92 rodeo!!


Bought this one with 134000 miles on it. Paint was awful; brakes were totally shot. Replaced both, and had mechanic replace all belts, etc. Needed a new alternator, so put a rebuilt on it. Sunroof gasket was burned out from the sun, so a new one for $50 from Isuzu dealer (self-install) ; waterproof once again. RUNS LIKE A TOP, and with the new black paint and limo tint, LOOKS FANTASTIC. This is a great body style - - very rugged.

General Comments:

I have always wanted one of these, and use it as a 3rd car for my business. The interior is plain, but rugged and functional. The body style still looks cool after all these years.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

1992 Isuzu Rodeo LX 3.1 V6 from North America


Mechanical nightmare with a faded roof


Oh where to begin.

When I purchased this vehicle, the slave cylinder was bad.

About 7 months after that I did the vavle AND head gaskets.

Exactly 1 year later the clutch went, and while it was being repaired it was discover the rear main seal was bad, replaced it.

The brakes have been done, including bearings, rotors.

Last year it was the you joints.

The seats are worn.

The console is cracked.

The paint on top is totally oxidized, just on the roof, but very fugly.

The back bumper is all rusted underneath.

The drivers side window has to be pulled up and down, it is manual.

When I bought it the window was very hard to crank up and down. I paid $180 at a dealership, they never returned the crank itself and I drive til this day pulling the window up and down with my hands.

I have replaced a bunch of the a/c components, still it's 80 degrees today and I have no a/c. I have had it recharged 5 times, and when it did run it seriously took away from the already crappy performance.

And finally it has been in my driveway for a week, new slave cylinder and poss. brakes. And my e/brake doesn't work, never did.

General Comments:

For the love of god don't buy one of these. I admit being a young female I was probably screwed by the used dealer I bought this from, but with the thousands of dollars in repairs I am not able to sell it. I keep repairing it thinking it will be pretty much a brand new car. But at this point I have no car to drive and no $ to fix.fatlucien@hotmail.com~me.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2004