30th Mar 2005, 03:30

When the rocker arms "go bad" (cause of tapping) they aren't broken or worn out. They are full of sludge. They can be cleaned. They don't need to be replaced. The problem can be avoided altogether with the use of synthetic engine oil. 196,000miles on my 97 LS now... No tapping since switching to synthetic 2 years (40,000 miles) ago. Too bad Isuzu couldn't tell you that from the start though.

24th May 2005, 08:34

Have a 97 3.2L V6 Rodeo myself, with 138K tap free miles. She's never tapped a day in her life. I am the original owner with 138K miles now, have used 10W-30 Havoline (regular oil) and Isuzu Filter since day one, have not experienced a single problem.

I have never gone over 3k mile oil changes.

Wouldn't trade her for anything.

1st Jan 2006, 03:23

It's funny for one to suggest that the Rodeo's engine is not as good as the Trooper engine. When in fact, the 3.5L in the Troopers - also an Isuzu engine, is an extreme oil burner, and MANY upon MANY of these engines have thrown a rod simply because they ran out of oil. The trooper's engine is an oil burner because of the design of the ring packs.

The 93-97 3.2L sohc engine's were/are the best of the best of the Isuzu engines. Some of them may burn a little oil, but NOTHING like the Troopers, and yes, many are known to tick, generally stemming from those that are using an incorrect oil filter as well as infrequent oil changes.

However, some 3.2L's tick for no previous reason too - however, I can think of hundreds of other engines from various manufacturers that have their own glitches.

I had 150k on my 1st 1991 Rodeo, which by the way was a 3.1L Chevy engine - a GREAT truck; followed by my current '97 Rodeo with the 3.2L Isuzu engine now at 152k miles. This truck has been the best vehicle with the least amount of problems.

This 3.2L does not use a drop of oil in 3k miles and does not tick. All I've ever used is Havoline and an OEM filter. I have owned both Rodeo's since new and am meticulous with the maintenance.