28th Oct 2005, 16:25

I have a 1994 Isuzu rodeo and the only problem I have with it is that the alternator belt squeals when I first start the vehicle. I'm sure it is a minor problem and with replacement of the belt, this will stop. other than that I am very happy with mine. it has 75,000 miles on it. I would difinitely buy another one!!!

4th Dec 2005, 15:55

Ah, very interesting! This is the umpteenth comment that I've read where the transmission fluid and filter were changed, and shortly thereafter the transmission failed. These people are attempting to do the right thing by changing it, but I wonder if the correct type of fluid is being used to refill it. Some transmissions are very sensitive to the correct fluid type (Type II, Type III, etc.).

13th Jan 2006, 08:24

My Isuzu has lasted 292,000 miles I got it at 286,000. The only things that seem to go wrong are, when it's cold (Under 15) it won't start and the rust. It's a 94 and still has a decent amount of power.

7th Mar 2006, 12:54

Yes the Rodeo. I am just turning 18 years old, and the Isuzu Rodeo is my first vehicle. My dad was the second owner purchasing the vehicle at about 74000 miles. The S.U.V. was nice (everything was factory) rims etc. My dad used it as a vehicle to get him from point A to point b. He bought the vehicle for about 6,000 dollars. Then after 2 years of driving it, his job contract ended and he stopped driving the rodeo. It had 181000 miles on it. He had then given the vehicle to me. I was still only then 15 years old. So the rodeo sat for a year, and when I was 16 I started driving it. I was not enthusiastic about my rodeo, it looked like a piece of crap. The paint was faded in the hood and roof, and the valve lifter clicked loudly when you turned it on and then the belt were squealing like dying mice. I spent a total of three thousand dollars restoring the rodeo, paint job, 5 new rims and tires, new belts, tune up, and a new transmission. I am not bragging, but I think the rodeo is like a hummer; tough and not usually breaking down. It's relatively fast for an S.U.V. and it's a very nice looking truck!!

7th Mar 2006, 19:42

To the person from January 31st with the totaled truck: If you want my 2 cents (and you must, since you asked), I say "Drive it!" As long as you have a vehicle that is moving under its own power, it is money in the bank because it can still fulfill the purpose of getting you from here to there. That beats any argument that you can make that would entail buying a new car and taking on a car payment.

16th Aug 2006, 22:13

I bought my '94 Rodeo for $1500 and it had 180,000 miles on it already when I bought it. It looks great considering it has been used for hauling commercial landscaping equipment and was really dirty inside when I bought it. But the price was right, and it has been amazingly reliable. It almost has the sound of a diesel engine, or a tractor, and it rides a little rough (Rodeo seems an appropriate name).

I also had a squealing belt that continued to squeal shortly after replacing. There was a crack in the bracket that holds the belt, and it turned out to be expensive because the part was a sort of fake water pump. Replacing it took care of the squealing though!

At 215,000 miles it is still running great, but I am starting to have electrical problems and the windows are off-track. Thank God the AC works really well. Overall, I love this car and will hang on to it as long as I can.

18th Sep 2006, 21:03

I just bought a 94' Isuzu Rodeo with 180,000 Miles for 750 dollars. So far it has been excellent in gas mileage and performance. It handles better than more new cars I have driven. Overall I would suggest this car to everyone. It is a great car and I got an excellent deal on it. Even though its mileage is so high its condition would tell you otherwise.

8th Jan 2007, 07:58

My 94 Rodeo is my the second rodeo I bought the first one was a 91 and was invensible, but it burned a lot of gas so I got rid of it. BIG MISTAKE!!. So I Bought my 94 to replace it. It has its problems like any other 94 but it always goes were I want it to no matter down the high way or through the lake.

17th Apr 2007, 09:32

1994 V6 rodeo with the manual transmission and 2WD here..

Just now in the process of replacing the radiator and thermostat. Great little truck. Definitively has better acceleration and handling than other SUVs I've driven. I've had it since 176,000 miles and its up to 198,000 now. So far, I've replaced the alternator 3 times (2nd time was mechanics fault for installing wrong model), both front windows no longer go down, very noticeable tick in the engine that is especially loud on cold startup (45 degrees or lower), and it has a bit of smoke on startup and hard acceleration. Also, whenever I drive to the beach (40 minutes, HWY), the check engine light comes one, but immediately goes out once the I come to a stop, dealer said they were not able to diagnose b/c it goes out before they can get a code out of it. : (

Everything else is original (including the clutch ;) )

Its been stolen twice, and likely ragged hard during those times. Yet, she always starts right up whenever asked to. Couldn't ask for more for my first truck. There's something to be said for Japanese car and trucks from the 90s, they're just built right.

12th Jun 2007, 11:12

I have had mine for a month or so now. Bought it for $1500 with 221xxx miles on it, I've put 6k on it since then. But now with 227k the clutch just went out, but that's kinda expected with 227k on the original clutch. It does have the common tick, the 4 wheel system on this truck is amazing and the locking rear-end is great. overall this suv is great and fun off road.

2nd Jul 2007, 22:27

I have a 94 Rodeo with 236Ks on it. For awhile it had a horrible squeak like rattling sound coming from the drivers side. It sounded like a rock or pebble was stuck somewhere. Anyways it suddenly stopped and now there is a loud ticking coming from that side. It stops at 3000revs any lower and it is there again. I have tried to see where it is, top end or bottom end and I think it is bottom end. I am an elderly lady and not to versed with engines. Any ideas out there? P.S. It is not the lifters.

18th Jul 2007, 12:59

I also read about a bracket on the passenger side exhaust in front of the cat, that has a round weight like thing that will cause a tick if it is broken and hanging against the exhaust.

23rd Aug 2007, 16:15

I am getting ready to get my sister isuzu rodeo for free yeah! It is either a 94-96. She has rode it hard and put it away wet as the saying goes. What kind of gas mileage on the average can I expect. thank of any input.

13th Jun 2011, 23:33

I used to have a 1993 Rodeo until some idiot totaled it.

I never had any problems with it, even at 340k miles. The interior was in great shape. Everything worked just great: sunroof, power windows and five speed tranny never gave me any problems.

I only paid $450 for it. If I could find another deal on one I would buy it at the drop of a hat. Great little vehicle in my opinion.