1985 Isuzu Trooper 1.9 Liter Gas from North America


Solid, reliability, off-road performance, build


Two tires were fairly worn and had to replace those.

Replaced the windshield wipers.

Drivers seat is torn on side.

Side window lock on passenger side needs replacing.

Gas cap needs replacing, fits too loosely.

General Comments:

I've owned 4-wheeled drive vehicles off and on for a number of years, including some classics like a 1952 CJ3A, a 1973 Chevy Blazer with full removable top, and a 1974 IH Scout II. Up until this time a Jeep had to be pre-Chrysler built, or the vehicle had to be a V-8 and made in America. This little Isuzu Trooper has totally changed my mind about the hardiness of imported 4x4's.

I live in the mountains of Southern Oregon, and there is a steep drop-off that runs along one side of my driveway of about 15 feet. Last night as I was backing down, I cut it a bit too wide and ended up dropping the driver's side tires over the edge of the driveway onto this steep incline. My first thought was it's going to roll and I prepared for the inevitable, but it didn't happen. As a matter of fact it felt solid even though it was now sitting at a pretty dramatic angle. Several attempts at trying to get it back up onto the driveway only succeeded in having it slide further down the incline. The only way it was going, was down. Carefully I turned my front wheels so they were pointing down the incline, then with a bit of a prayer I gave her gas, let out the clutch and hung on for dear life.

Not only did it survive the controlled fall to the bottom of this ravine, through a large blackberry bush, and over several half-rotted logs, it easily traveled across over 100 yards of ruts, more logs, rocks and wet clumps of grass without as much as a cough sputter or hesitation. At the other end of the ravine was a steep climb back up to my backyard which it made with no problems on the first attempt.

It may seem a bit anemic on the highway, and somewhat clumsy on city streets, but when it comes to off-road use it's won me over hands down. At $1,250 I knew I had a bargain, I just didn't realize how big of a bargain it really was.

All this and I still average over 20 mpg, can seat 5 comfortably and still have room to carry all the camping gear we need. I'm sold on Isuzu.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2003

1985 Isuzu Trooper 1.9 litre gas from North America


Absolutely unreal, wonderful SUV!


Nothing really. It burned an exhaust valve at about 220,000. I know the previous owner. He bought it new in 85. He never had one problem. I guess the alternator went out once too, but alternators are consumable items, so big whoop.

General Comments:

Most absolutely fantastic rig I have ever owned. I have owned six cars in my driving lifetime, and this Trooper out-shines them all. Sure, it's not fast, but reliability and durability are unmatched, even compared to the Toyota's I have owned.

I just bought a new Jetta, and I still prefer to drive the Trooper. If anyone wants this car, they'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2001

30th Sep 2001, 11:00

I have this car too, it's excellent, I only have problems with the gas pump, it's electrical and when she's hot it stops pumping the gas.

If you have any idea for the way I can resolve this problem, tell me.

1st Nov 2001, 10:19

I have owned a 86 Trooper II for a year now.. My son gave it to me because the frame broke (rot). I fixed it up and I'm still driving it. It's a bucket of rust and almost to the point of being unsafe to drive, but it just keeps running and running like a fine tuned watch. I'd sure hate to part with it.. Too bad that Isuzu has just about out priced these fine SUV's. I'd buy a NEW one if it was priced was right!

18th Dec 2001, 02:26

I just bought an '89 Trooper 2.8L 5-speed for $50, in generally decent condition, and this stinkin' truck ROCKS :D I love it! Second favorite vehicle I've owned (favorite is my '88 Chevy Corsica). Darn fine automobile if I do say so myself, and that 2.8L pushrod GM V6 runs like a champ.

4th Jul 2002, 04:03

From Riga, Latvia. I own the '86 2-door 2,3 liter gas, 5-speed manual, short version Trooper. The most brilliant car I ever had (previous cars: 1 Russian ZAZ965, 3 Russian Fiat124, 2 Opel Record, 1 Opel Omega, 1 Trooper'82 2-door 2-liter long version). My current Trooper is in excellent condition, though the engine and gearbox were completely renewed last year (I changed virtually all the inside parts of those - took a long time to deliver those from Japan and it was pretty expensive - more than 1.000 $ for details plus workmanship). It is reliable both in +30C and -30C, very stable in all road conditions, quite roomy. The newer models are not that good.

1985 Isuzu Trooper G200z (1.9 gas) from North America


Motor failed at 130k, though I bought it from a used car lot and do not know the history. Tossed stock carb when I rebuilt the engine - throttle valves were jammed. Replaced the clutch at 115k miles. Right rear axle bearing failed (while driving down a busy interstate).

General Comments:

A decent budget SUV. The motor is anaemic, even with a Weber carb and Calmini headers. The Trooper's turning radius is rather tight, and the chassis is narrow. Even with the lacklustre motor, the Isuzu held its own on every trail I've dared venture down. If I ever bought another Trooper, it would be '86 or newer.

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999