1994 Isuzu Trooper S 3.2 from North America


So far so good


Just recently purchased this Trooper, Used to own a Rodeo and ran it forever. I've done extensive research on the Trooper and it seems as though if you take care of them with regular maintenance they will last along time. I previously owned a Rodeo bought it with 117,000 miles on it and sold it with 174,000 (should have kept it) it was a good running truck. The only problem that I had was the clutch went out and had to be replaced. It ran forever.

General Comments:

I hope the Trooper proves to be as reliable as the Rodeo. With the reviews that I have read on this site as well as others I feel that it will be.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2004

4th Nov 2005, 11:35

Can you point me to some of the research you did on the 1994 Isuzu Trooper before you purchased it? I'm considering one with 143k on it, but want to learn more about how much more life I can expect from it for the price the seller is asking. It has been very, very well maintained, and I only need it mostly to get around town, but I have to have a reliable car for the next couple of years and 143k is a lot. However, owner is only asking $3k for it, but I can't drop big bucks into repairs, etc. THANKS for any pointers.

1994 Isuzu Trooper S 3.2 Liter gas from North America


A dependable and well engineered SUV


Power steering pressure hose began to leak at 125,000. $38 for part and about 4 hours of work.

Rear brake caliper rusted and froze up at 125,000. New caliper $70, new rotor $40.

Stripped 1 bolt pan on transmission.

Although timing belt needs replaced at 60,000 miles -- you can save considerable money doing it yourself. It will take about half a day and the belt is under $50. My original belt has 126,000 miles on it and is just beginning to lightly crack - I will replace it shortly. I do not recommend going much over 60,000 miles - if it breaks you will be spending $1,000 or more to fix the damage!

General Comments:

I think the Trooper drives and handles very well.

It has enough power to get the job done and can pull 5500 pounds.

The interior has very light wear for a vehicle with 126,000 miles.

If you take care of your Trooper, drive gently and have regularly scheduled maintenance performed it will last 200,000 miles or more.

I intend to drive this vehicle until the wheels fall off -- then I will put them back on and drive it until the frame give out. I love the vehicle and enjoy driving it!

It's got a GREAT view of the road!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2004

1994 Isuzu Trooper Duty LWB 3.1 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


An extremely reliable, comfortable and spacious vehicle



General Comments:

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned with nothing needing replacing or repairing so far except tyres.

We have three large dogs to ferry around with us, and this vehicle has masses of room for us all to travel in comfort.

It is totally easy to handle despite its size.

Both front and back seats are very comfortable, giving both passengers and driver plenty of room.

The only complaint I would have would be the tyres it came with, which were the originals put on at the manufacturers. These were totally useless in the snow and ice. It was both embarrassing and frustrating when the Trooper performed a lot worse than many of the 2 wheel drive cars. A change of tyres instantly made all the difference and if I were buying a new Trooper I would insist on the dealer changing the tyres before buying.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2001

10th Oct 2002, 04:22

It would be useful to know which tires precisely were changed! In other words: which were the bad ones and which the good ones?