16th Dec 2009, 15:17

I read about Marvel's Mystery Oil on this site and found it to work on my '92 Trooper. Try it out first before you give up on your Troopers.

11th Feb 2010, 00:59

My Trooper is a 1998. I have 210,000 on her.

Problems: back axle, driver's window.

I just repaired the engine; it was using 1 qt every 500 miles, now is back to normal; 1qt every 1000 miles.

Great truck, hope to get another 200,000 miles. I will keep you posted.

6th Mar 2010, 20:40

I have a 2000 Trooper, and I am going to put all Toyota engine and running gear under it. I've always wanted to do that.

This one would run out oil between tanks of gas, I like the way the frame and body is made, but sadly I think the engine and drive train are extremely complex, and Isuzu used General Motors engineers to develop this pile of crap..

12th Oct 2010, 21:56

I have owned a 1999 Isuzu Trooper with 3L engine from new.

Throughout the years we have had absolutely problem free motoring. It has close to 130,000 miles on it. It has been serviced regularly on schedule.

From around 60,000 miles onwards, it started consuming about a quart of oil every 7-800 miles, which according to mechanics is deemed normal for this engine.

This truck has always been used in winters in Chicago area and handles ice and snow very well.

In short the vehicle has been a marvel of safety and reliability. Routine services like brakes have been done. Timing belt was changed at 100,000 miles. I have no complaints. With proper and routine maintenance this vehicle, unquestionably, is the best for the price one pays.

Good luck to the Trooper owners.

7th Nov 2010, 17:29

I have a 1999 4wd and love it. 139k miles and only replaced the brakes once at 85K. Everything has always worked fine. I just had the right front wheel bearings replaced, but nothing else, except for recommended fluids. I only use 3/4 qt of oil in between 3k oil changes, so I never have to add any.

I'd like to buy another. I love the styling, and I have never got below 16mpg in the city. I believe the 1999 is the one to buy. I hear horror stories about the the other years.

8th Nov 2010, 07:57

"I have owned a 1999 Isuzu Trooper with 3L engine from new."

You've owned it for 11 years and you still haven't noticed the "3.5L" on the back?

25th Jan 2011, 14:28

I have owned my 1999 Trooper since 2001, and she has been a dream to drive. The gas and oil consumption were to be expecting, seeing that I did my research before purchasing it.

She currently has 301,899 miles, and just recently made my 4th cross country trip without complication.

I really like the classic styling, off road and snow capability. The only thing that I would change is the transmission. Having a fully electric non-owner serviceable transmission is a disaster waiting to happen, and expensive to replace.

5th Apr 2011, 00:29

Bought my Trooper at 54k and have 137k on it now (7 years).

I changed the EGR valve because of the dreaded check engine light, the alternator 2 years back and tons of oil and gas dollars...

It is the best vehicle I ever owned. Just when I think it's going to die, it just keeps going even through harsh winters in Cleveland.

20th Dec 2012, 11:24

That's good. I like the way you think. I have a 99 Trooper. Don't know much about them, but got it for a good price, knowing I had to put a head gasket set on it, but it's been good so far. Getting ready to drive it in my first winter. Hope it does good in the snow.

3rd Feb 2015, 17:49

Hi, well considering all that you said, it's probably safe to say the noise has something to do with the 4WD, since you said it has problems and the light blinks, and since the car in normal 2WD is RWD, the front making noises makes sense if it it has something to do with the 4WD. Hope this helps in narrowing it down a bit.