2013 Iveco Daily 35S13 2.3 turbo diesel from Spain


A great machine


- Light bulbs (both exterior and interior) have been changed a million times; these circuit problems were supposed to have been fixed by the dealer when it was first sold to me, but they have persisted all along.

- Pieces of plastic trim on the exterior of the van have fallen a few times and I have fixed them with black tape.

- Factory CD player was broken when the vehicle was sold and was fixed by the dealer free of charge.

General Comments:

A great van all in all.

Very good performance, I find the handling very very good, since the suspension is quite firm and the steering is perfectly balanced, providing great feedback.

Engine has a tonne of power, despite being the small 2.3 with 126 HP.

Fuel economy is about 10% worse than comparable vans like a Ford Transit or a Peugeot Boxer or a Renault Master; you'll just have to live with that. However you need to do much less gear changes than in a Transit, so actually everything is much smoother, due to the amazing torque the engine produces.

It can cope with huge amounts of weight no other van can deal with this easily, it's unbelievable, the van just won't sink ever, no matter how hard you try, the ground clearance will stay the same. I actually find the van handles better with a few tonnes than empty!

Loading area on the back cargo doors is a bit high, but that is mostly due to the van being rear wheel drive.

Seats could certainly be more comfortable, but not bad. I don't know why they didn't put headrests in these.

I have the 6-seat combi, and a big, big setback is how incredibly hard those three rear seats are to remove - other vans way way easier. Plus they're extremely heavy and yet not that comfortable - hardly a good recipe.

However all in all, it's a great, dependable, quick, easy to live with, big van. I am very happy with it and recommend buying one.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2017

12th May 2019, 18:19

Hi. I bought a new 50C18 HiMatic 11 months ago.

It has been nothing but problems. So I have created a website about it to help others understand the really bad quality. www.MyIvecoDaily.com

The sat nav was so bad I had to replace it. The auto box just shudders and can't cope with heavy loads or towing.

Rear camera replaced as I couldn't see anything.

Seats have broken off, dashboard and plastics are easy to scratch. Bumper trims out of line, paint missing on panel seals, bad brakes. All had to be replaced. Factory tow bar came loose. The list goes on and on. Do not buy one of these vans.

2008 Iveco Daily 3512 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Big bus, does the job


Nutty electrics - windows are run by pixies that decide when they open and close, irrespective of my wishes.

Slightly soft feel to the van - things may go wrong as the miles mount - it doesn't feel like a hard core vehicle.

General Comments:

Lovely drive, eats the miles with any load, and it has been heavily loaded by us, no mechanical faults yet, I have never seen the engine and don't intend to - it's the dealers problem. Looks the business and does the job.

Will change after one year for an 09 model, so hope it stays going for the one year I intend to keep it.

We work 18 hour days almost every day, and we need a van that looks respectable and businesslike - this Iveco does, and it is an imposing presence. Quite good on fuel (av. 15l/100km) and bags of power, a big load area and immune to overloading.

Buy one, don't keep it too long and don't even think about the massive depreciation and whacko electric windows.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

6th Feb 2009, 18:10

Update after a year - still running perfectly, not a single fault whatsoever, despite getting dogs abuse and being filled to the brim with unleaded by a dope in a filling station.

It's superb to drive, very fast and supremely powerful, window pixies have left, work fine now. Massive service interval means great savings in running costs.

Downside is water leaks into the cargo area from poorly sealed doors, they are not a good fit into the body.

The van is big, and so is not easy on fuel, but it gets the work done.

This little financial hiccup the world is experiencing (to be called the "great depression of 2009-2016" by future generations) means that we will keep the van for a lot longer than expected, but I like it, so that's not a problem. As said, a good bus.