2008 Iveco Daily 3512 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Big bus, does the job


Nutty electrics - windows are run by pixies that decide when they open and close, irrespective of my wishes.

Slightly soft feel to the van - things may go wrong as the miles mount - it doesn't feel like a hard core vehicle.

General Comments:

Lovely drive, eats the miles with any load, and it has been heavily loaded by us, no mechanical faults yet, I have never seen the engine and don't intend to - it's the dealers problem. Looks the business and does the job.

Will change after one year for an 09 model, so hope it stays going for the one year I intend to keep it.

We work 18 hour days almost every day, and we need a van that looks respectable and businesslike - this Iveco does, and it is an imposing presence. Quite good on fuel (av. 15l/100km) and bags of power, a big load area and immune to overloading.

Buy one, don't keep it too long and don't even think about the massive depreciation and whacko electric windows.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2008

6th Feb 2009, 18:10

Update after a year - still running perfectly, not a single fault whatsoever, despite getting dogs abuse and being filled to the brim with unleaded by a dope in a filling station.

It's superb to drive, very fast and supremely powerful, window pixies have left, work fine now. Massive service interval means great savings in running costs.

Downside is water leaks into the cargo area from poorly sealed doors, they are not a good fit into the body.

The van is big, and so is not easy on fuel, but it gets the work done.

This little financial hiccup the world is experiencing (to be called the "great depression of 2009-2016" by future generations) means that we will keep the van for a lot longer than expected, but I like it, so that's not a problem. As said, a good bus.

2003 Iveco Daily from Poland


This is not your DAILY car!!


The long back lights broke off.

The radio stopped working.

Plastic trim came loose all over the van.

Paint was really damaged after only 1 summer.

General Comments:

This is a car that I thought I would drive DAILY, but no, it is not a good car unless you just want to drive it for delivery purposes. I got a Daily for 4 passengers, but I did not drive it with my family because it was really sloppy. I was not expecting this car to drive like a Ferrari, but the Iveco was really slow and had sloppy handling. I never drove it in the winter, as I would be too scared.

One summer I went to visit my family in the USA, so I parked my Daily outside, in front of my house. After I came back, all of the paint was severely wrecked; my other cars that were older looked the same as before my trip! The plastic inside melted in some spots after the summer and one time when I turned on the car, the radio was busted and did not work. I was very mad at this car, but I never took it to the Dealer because they only want to rip you off or offer you another Iveco.

After some time, I saved some money and sold my wifes car. Finally we could buy 1 good car. We purchased a Ford Transit top of the line model with a large storage area and 2 rows of seating. Finally, I have 1 good car instead of changing my cars all the time. The dealer did not want to buy my Iveco unless I traded it in, so I parked it in front of a run-down BBQ by the highway and posted my phone number on it. Finally, someone wanted to buy it at rock bottom price, so I could pay 15% of my new car's cost and my wifes old car as well. My sons car accounted for the down payment, and I also sold a '95 Ford Escort that was never really used, and an old Fiat Cinquecento that had major electric problems, and used the money towards car payments.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2006