1967 Jaguar 420G 4.2 litre straight six from Australia and New Zealand


A classy leviathan


The car had not seen a lot of use before I bought her. As such, various perishables went over the first 6 months, seals etc.

Radiator overflow box rusted out.

Power-steering noisy at times.

Still has the original, glitchy Lucas electrics.

General Comments:

Purchased in Sydney, driven home to Melbourne. This car has been a joy to own and drive. It has showroom-fitted air-conditioning and a sunroof. Air-con blows cold, but struggles on hot days.

Unbelievably comfortable, rather like driving a mobile lounge-room. The leather is all original and has held up very well. The wood veneer has not.

Handles and accelerates remarkably well for such a large, lumbering behemoth. Very thirsty at the pump - to be expected for a 60's tank. Gets surprisingly good mileage on the open highway, 'round town will hit the wallet hard.

Parts can be tricky to source in Australia, but in fairness, not many things have gone badly wrong and required replacing.

All in all, a classic beauty that's held up fairly well. Gets comments everywhere it goes - not many people know the 420G. Apart from the notorious Lucas electrics, the car is solid and reliable, even 45 years on.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 15th December, 2011