25th Apr 2005, 13:33

I could not agree more. I have a 1967 Series I convertible and have had years of wonderful experiences. Few cars at under a million dollars are as beautiful and fun to drive. Sitting in the driver's seat and looking over the guages, toggle switches, and long curved bonnet is difficult to describe. And best of all, the parts are a snap. The next step in sheers beauty, history, and pure nostalgic grace is a Ferrari GTO at ten million.

8th Jan 2006, 14:35

Good review & some good advice too. I have a S3 open which is truly reliable, evident when both our regular vehicles let us down in wintry weather, the Jag was off the key. However being the later S3 does not suffer with the rust problem, in fact there is hardly a spot worth mentioning.Few if any can resist this beauty from Coventry, Peeping Toms a plenty!

8th Mar 2009, 19:17

The Jaguar E-Type is one car that few own, but many dream about. My personal favorite is the Series I produced from 1961 through 1967. The earlier Series I had an easier to rev 3.8 engine, Moss non-synchro gear box for 1st gear, brakes that others complained about not this owner), an aluminum console and center instrument panel and seats that looked liked they belonged in a sports car and not in the family room. For me, I love the early Series I. I am also an owner of a early Series I produced in 1962.

As far as advice: The first thing is to buy the best car you can. The old adage that the cars needing the most work end up being the most expensive, and the cars needing the least amount of work are the cheapest is very true with the E-type. As far as OTS versus a fixed head, that's up to you.

The most important is to do your homework. Buy the workshop manual to make sure that you are up to maintaining the beast. Read, read and read about the car. Join the JCNA and the local chapter. If you cannot afford $50-100K for the entry, set your sets for a later Series E-type or walk away.

As far as an investment, if you find the right car, the initiation fee albeit high ends up a free car when it becomes time to sell.

Speaking of selling, if you want a early 3.8 car, stay aware from the go faster parts and making it into something not original to the design intent at the time. Stay aware from the morons who bemoan Lucas electrics and that a Jaguar constantly needs work to keep running. A well sorted Jaguar is one of the most wonderful experiences that any mortal man will ever enjoy. I still find myself after years of ownership shouting out, "I love this car"!

9th Jun 2009, 15:42

Agree with all of the above. I have owned a 1963 Series I coupe and a 1969 Series II coupe, and now own a 1999 XK8.

The XK8 is a worthy successor to the XKE, albeit as more of a lux cruiser than a true sports car, but it is an excellent driver and snaps heads everywhere.

One lesson I learned when restoring my 63 Series I. You will never get your investment return on a coupe, only a convertible. The coupe is arguably the best looking car in the world, but the OTS is more desirable and is worth almost twice what the coupe gets. Also Series I is worth more than the Series II.

I bought my 69 E-Type in 1974 and drove it for about 4 years. The sound it makes at around 3500 RPM, settling down because of the aerodynamics, is truly wonderful, nothing like it anywhere.

7th Jun 2010, 14:54

http://vimeo.com/12373195 is a 1961 Jaguar E-Type OTS (Open Two Seater) shown at Keels & Wheels in Seabrook, Texas May 2010.

2nd Nov 2014, 17:28

The one that I heard the most favorable comments about was a convertible with a 351 Ford engine transplant. High performance with reliability.