2004 Jaguar S-Type Sport 2.7 twin turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


206 bhp, rear wheel drive, 38 MPG!


Complete software failure (only required reset).

Parking sensors only work in wet weather.

General Comments:

My manual S-type diesel is fast, comfortable and surprisingly cheap to run.

The quality of the cabin is outstanding. The seats are very comfortable, and there are all the refinements you'd expect of a luxury saloon.

The engine is smooth and powerful, although you have to rev it more than you would expect, for a diesel. Inside the car, with the windows up, you can't tell it's an oil burner because the noise is just V6, when you can hear it at all.

I do a mix of fast open road driving and very slowly around town, but still get 38 MPG, which I think is outstanding for a big car that accelerates well.

The boot isn't very tall but the rear seats fold down so you can fit two bikes in the back if you take the wheels off them first.

The CD/radio is good quality, but doesn't have modern features like MP3 playback or input.

It's not the easier car to park on account of its width, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a big saloon.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2012

2004 Jaguar S-Type 4.2 from North America


Beautiful, fast, drives on rails, luxury, 10


The only thing that I had go wrong is the back and forth switch on the driver's seat just stopped working 2 days ago. Other than that, this car has exceeded my expectations. Had heard all the nightmare problems with this car, but never had them so far.

General Comments:

I was really leery when I bought my S Type, but I love the look and performance of this car. I heard all the horror stories of multiple problems with them, but luckily I haven't put a dime in mine, other than normal service work.

My seat switch went out 2 days ago. Other than that, it is great on gas, drives as if on rails, and is a first class sports car.

I really did expect to spend more time in the shop with this car, but all I can say is you get lemons with every make, and people who love their car aren't gonna be on a website gloating on it.

Those who say the car is gloomy inside must be on crack. The car is all leather and maple, and I love the interior. The minute you sit in one, you feel a aw-wwwwing sensation. My wife took the hard line when I wanted one, so I let her test drive it first. When she stepped out with a smile on her face and said "where do we sign, I love it", and the rest is history.

3 years I have owned this car, and I give it a 10.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2011

2004 Jaguar S-Type from North America


I have been having problems with this car for a while. Sometimes it would not go into Drive or Park.

So I pulled the center console and the shifter box out, just to make sure it was not the tranny. I found out that there was a broken part in the shifter box, and called the dealer and they want $480.00, so I decided to fix the box, put it back in, and I have the same problem.

Called the dealer and they told me I need a box and a cable; the cable is $200.00. I went under the car and found bolts that were not there, and that it's a problem for S Type Jaguars. The dealer wants you to spend all this money when they're putting faulty bolts in your car.

It took me five days to solve the problem, but I didn't spend a dime. Check your car first before you go to the dealer, because they will charge you for a new tranny.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008

2004 Jaguar S-Type from North America


I have worried about the electrical system; the fears are becoming a reality in electrical failures


Parking brake motor has burned out twice in 15 months, and is not even used.

Vehicle locks up; had to be flat-bed towed in for costly service.

Indicator light burns out often as well, and damaged the socket.

General Comments:

Our 2004 Jag S-Type is sharp car; comfortable, roomy, sporty.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2008

2004 Jaguar S-Type 3.0 3.0 V6 from North America


Fast like a rocket and very unreliable


Transmission needed to be replaced at 42000 miles.

Transmission needed to be replaced again at 48000 miles.

At 50000 miles car began to drink engine engine coolant at rapid rates.

Oil leaks after 50000 miles.

62000 miles engine burns oil more frequently.

Electrical failure while outside in the winter.

General Comments:

The car drives great and handles way above par.

Performance is what this car is meant for.

High Maintenance, will eat up your wallet.

The Jaguar purrs like a kitten.

The interior however, is very flimsy, too many cheap plastics.

The Ford horn makes it sound like a Ford.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005