5th Jul 2008, 15:41

Hello, I know I may be bringing an old topic up again, but I really do need some help from a Jag owner...

OK so I'm looking for my first car, I find a Jag. $2900, 150k mileage, it's an 1988, 3rd Generation Vanden Plas, the first model year manufactured by Ford, UK built...

OK, so I can't say I have found a car to match this out of the hundreds I've looked at. I hear they have electrical problems and a few recalls. I can accept the fact that all cars need maintained servicing.

I truly love this car and I am waiting to go and look at it with my local mechanic. I have a steady job so I can pay for the servicing and so on.

You said that you love your Jag, so I ask is it worth me buying this exceptional car. Can I run it for a few years, will it cost me an arm and a leg to maintain it???

I thank you for your help. If you ever get this message, please feel free to contact me, ptr_kyl@yahoo.com

Thank you.

27th Mar 2009, 09:35

I have owned 2 of these gorgeous cars, and repairs can be daunting if you go to the dealer or a specialist. That being said, there are enough good ones out there, so make sure you buy the best you can.

Do not attempt to buy one without taking it to a Jaguar dealer and paying the $150 to get them to check the whole car out. They will know what to look for, and will advise you. I can't stress this enough. A Jag in need of massive cash infusions is commonplace and total misery on the owner.

Little stupid things go wrong with them, but I have never been sidelined or stuck on the road in mine. They are so relaxing to drive it's criminal. The sense of well being and style they exude is endless. I have put on over 200K miles on XJ6's, and honestly have enjoyed every mile. They are that good.