19th Aug 2008, 18:08

I am shocked at what I have read about the X-Type, there are a lot of these motors here (London), never heard of problems like this, but as we all know, this is not a Jag and hasn't been for years! Sorry to say this but you have bought a Ford Mondeo, which is what the X-Type is with a different body on it. It won't be a good Jag as it isn't a Jag mate. If you want a good Jag, get a 1998 ish XJR with the 4.0L, but in a six not the V8. The V8 was weak but the 6 was brill.

I am angry that they are charging so much money at the main dealer for parts, when Ford are to do with the X-Type!!!

Can you not get pattern parts and remove the Jag main dealer from the situation?

29th Aug 2008, 12:02

I am extremely sorry I did not research this car better, paid 8k 3 months ago, now 4k later and I still don't have the car out of the shop.

I put lower grade gas in by mistake, the car blew a huge cloud of smoke, depleted all the gas, the oil light came on, but not the engine light till the next day. The car felt like the transmission is not working, wow had an Olds with 200k, still ran beautifully, Renault Alliance 200k, never a problem. Gee now have a performance car, no performance?

13th Aug 2009, 01:36

Hang on - you parked it up and smoke was coming out under the bonnet!? I assume you meant steam since you said the coolant hose had blown off. However surely it must have been overheating before hand, I mean that doesn't just happen in a micro-second. So my guess is you were driving it around with the temperature in the red, in which case no wonder it's knackered. Still don't really get the picture here though - the head gaskets were fine, but the "main engine" wasn't?! That makes no sense at all if it's over heating.