20th Feb 2008, 11:24

I have the engine malfunction light on, I tried the battery disconnection trick mentioned above, but no joy. Can anyone else confirm that this trick works or how long it should be disconnected for?

1st Mar 2008, 06:26

If you disconnect the battery often with cars of this caliber, they need a certain period of time for the reset to occur. It is usually in the region of 6-12 hours.

7th Jun 2008, 10:23

I had the same problem with mine.

I'm not sure if this is the same problem that you're having, but there was a serivce bulletin issued on it.

The dealer replaced my fuel rail, and the vehicle's engine light problem never reoccurred. apparently, the engine light kept coming on because the engine was starving for fuel.

Actually, after replacing the rail, the car ran better than it ever had previously!

Also, it could be something simple, as was mentioned previously: the gas cap.

If it isn't tightened securely, the engine light will come on.

Hope I was helpful.

19th Jun 2008, 18:59

X-Type = financial suicide...

In the UK the prices have been battered by the Tata takeover and the X Type is dated and well out of favour now. The recent facelift (what were they thinking?) has crucified the already beleaguered model and my friend lost £14,000 in 11 months/10,000 miles on his 2006 X Type Diesel Sport Estate. Ouch!

The supermarkets are now knocking out pre-facelift metallic 2.0D SE saloons at £18,950 new, so what chance do you have on resale? The main dealers are on their knees too.

Less than £19k for a new Jag Diesel SE sounds appealing though, especially if you plan to run it into the ground and know that many parts are shared with the Mondeo, and are brave enough to avoid the expensive Jag servicing vital for the warranty. They average 40+mpg daily and are in the sub 150g/km tax band of £120pa.

24th Apr 2010, 13:29

Wonder if any owners have experienced clutch problems with the X-Type? I own a 2008 model with 32000 miles, and the clutch is slipping crazy. Been driving cars of many makes for over 40 years, and never before had clutch problems.

18th Oct 2010, 09:46

I drive a 2008 X Type, have had the car from 3,000 miles, just covered 40,000 mile and the clutch is slipping, I have been driving for many years and never had a clutch problem before.

22nd Jun 2012, 22:55

Sigh. Two words: Cadillac Cimarron!

17th Apr 2013, 07:17

We have the same problem when filling up a Lexus RX300. We find that ratcheting down the filler cap by giving it four good turns has solved the problem. It's a pain to remember to do it, but the Lexus solution costs around $710 USD to fix the problem.