12th Apr 2006, 06:58

I have just returned from my local Jaguar dealer, having been advised my 3 yd old, 28,000 mile car needs a new transfer box, and as its 4 months out of warranty it'll cost me approx £2,500...any ideas of whether I can push Jag to share the cost??

7th Mar 2007, 07:20

I have recently purchased a 2001 S Type Jaguar.

Can anyone out there please shine some light on the following annoying problems I am encountering, before I am forced to put the car into an expensive Jaguar dealership to remedy.

The warning "boot open" is constantly displayed on the on board computer... even although the boot is clearly closed. The display does go off however if someone presses down on the boot lid.

An excessive squeaking noise is heard from the steering and suspension when driving at slow speeds. I have already checked the fluid levels and sprayed with WD40.

The front drivers side electric window has suddenly stopped working... is this a common fault as I have noticed that replacement mechanisms are available in abundance on e-bay.

A hasty response/advice would really be appreciated as soon as possible before I tear out what is left of my already fast receding hair-line.

11th Apr 2007, 07:25

I bought a beautiful metallic grey 2.5 litre Jaguar X-Type Sport estate almost four months ago. It is an "04" registration and had done 36,000 miles. It has now done 42,000 miles. The 4 wheel drive handling is brilliant and traction amazing - especially on that snowy day of chaos on the roads earlier this year. The driving experience is superb. The boot space of the estate is excellent (especially with so much under-floor space).

The downside of this vehicle, which is nearing the end of its warranty (additional warranty already purchased!), is the need for equipment repairs:

1. Remote alarm/locking fails to operate - little 'door' in steering lock sticks open when you take the key out and the car thinks you've left the keys in and won't allow you to set the alarm remotely.

2. Tailgate window fails to open - new lock/latch fitted.

3. Steering rack seals cause squeaking/groaning sounds at low speed often in colder temperatures - seals being replaced. This is a major job requiring the front sub-frame to be lowered. They used to replace the whole rack, but just the seals now.

4. The general noise level seemed high, then the whining became noticeable and the dealer diagnosed a new transfer box was needed. After eight weeks the parts could not be obtained. Apparently there are 75-80 other cars waiting for a new transfer box according to Jaguar Customer Services to whom I complained. The noise has grown through a loud droning to a frighteningly loud buzz/rumble/grind. Jaguar Customer Services - still unable to source a transfer box - have taken one out of a completed car at the end of the production line for me and delivered it to my dealer - the donor car was a cancelled order apparently. This does indicate the "Jaguar known" supply problem and the extent of the transfer box failure rate. I notice that you can get a bearing set for a transfer box from eBay for £150. The full transfer box costs around £2000. After 10 weeks since diagnosis, my car is having its transfer box transplant today. I don't think it would have managed more than another 50 miles as the deterioration was getting worse by the day and the noise horrendous. I look forward to returning to a wonderful smooth drive, but I am concerned at the costs of maintaining this vehicle in the long term. Maybe I've got a couple of years in which to decide when to sell before the transfer box of this beautiful car goes again?

15th May 2007, 12:23

I have a 2002 plate 3.0 litre S X-Type. Three months ago the gearbox was replaced, thankfully with a warranty. As of today the box has started to slip, and the gear box warning light has come on. This car is a pig, and is just something to give my hard earned money to; it's had 15 HUNDRED pounds worth of other work done, as well as regular Jaguar services; My simple advice is this; Mercedes or BMW.

29th May 2007, 12:16

I'm here in the west (north carolina) I've got a 2002 x-type sedan 3.0. Problems I've had... All covered under warranty before 50k miles.

1. Catalytic converters replaced at 42k miles.

2. Transmission replaced at 50k miles.

3. Recirc door slipping on servo for A/C (common problem)

These were all replaced under warranty. To this date I've got 89k miles and haven't had a single problem. Haven't even changed brake pads in 50k miles. I did notice a rear differential oil leak when I was looking under there, all in all It's been a great car, but I have heard the horror stories about x-fer cases here online. I hope mine holds out!


10th Aug 2010, 16:25

After only 27000 miles, the problem of the ill fated X Type transfer box has struck my pride and joy. After being towed to my local dealer and being told a minimum estimate of £1500, and that my gearbox may be damaged, I tend to agree that a BMW or Mercedes may well be the answer. Very reluctantly.