XJ40 XJ6 Gold 3.2

It's got a statue on the bonnet. What more do you want?

1040 words, UK and Ireland

XJ40 Soverign 3.2

Great garbage!

102 words, Sweden

XJ40 XJ12 6.0

One of the most practical and feasible V12's

437 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

XJ40 XJ12 6.0 V12

A great car... but not for the faint of wallet

535 words, North America, 1 comment

XJ40 3.2

Sheer luxury, depreciation is a wonderful thing!

370 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

XJ40 XJ12 6.0L V12

Graceful performance sedan

137 words, North America, 2 comments

XJ40 4.0S 4.0 straight 6

Dream with a catch

424 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments