1978 Jaguar XJ6 L 4.2L 6 cylinder from North America


Very good looking car, but very unreliable


Failed fuel pump.

Failed fuel hoses.

Leaking fuel tank drain plugs.

Leaking fuel tank seals.

Problem relays, problem electricals.

Rusted-through front floor pans.

General Comments:

Very good looking car, but very unreliable.

Would never expect to be able to use this myself as a daily driver. Would never sell it to anyone without explaining how unreliable it was. Expect to push it. Expect to have to tow it. Expect to park it in your yard without it running for days, until you have read, understood, and diagnosed your electrical problem. Paying a mechanic to work on it every time it failed would be cost prohibitive.

After owning this car for five years, the failures have been greatly reduced as problems have been corrected one by one. However, driving this car a long way from home would, I still feel, would be asking for trouble.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th February, 2010