1985 Jaguar XJ6 4.3 from Costa Rica




OK, first of all, I bought this car in order to restore this piece of art.

I replaced:


Audio System

Complete paint job

Complete exhaust replacement

Dash restoration

Injection, fuel pump, fuel tanks restoration.

General Comments:

This car is priceless, one of the most beautiful sedans ever made in the car industry.

Redesigned by the master Pininfarina, the Italian designer, the car looks just beautiful.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2009

1985 Jaguar XJ6 4.2 from Australia and New Zealand




Cruise control is an optional extra - It's optional if it works.

Window switches are optionally operational.

Air conditioner takes more out of the engine that I thought it would.

General Comments:

If Mr Lyons didn't create Jaguar, then God would have sooner or later. There is nothing comparable to driving a Jaguar. Nothing.

It has every ounce of grace and pace that one would expect.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2009

8th Apr 2011, 22:13

Our 1985 Jaguar Sovereign has had only minor problems since its purchase 5 years ago. Contrary to what you read, the engine does not use or leak copious amounts of oil.

The car has travelled 218,000 Km and is completely original, since new replacement parts include:

Coil / starter motor / fan / rear brake caliper / 2 hoses, and these parts were replaced in the last 2 years, 23 years of service out of them! Brake pads every 2 years or so, and of course tyres.

The car has never broken down on us in the 5 years of use, and we often drive 2 hour trips each way, we average 12,000 Km per year, fuel consumption: 22mpg hwy / 17-18 town.

There is some slack in the drive train, but the 3 speed auto is original and works well. Another gear would be good or an overdrive, as at 100Km, the revs are sitting at 2600.

The exterior of the car is BRG and shows signs of wear due to the previous owner having parked under trees, but with polish, she still looks very good indeed.

The interior is in excellent condition for its age, the cream /mushroom colour leather seats amaze anyone you show, and people find it difficult to believe that they are original!

The veneer is very good with only some small cracking not noticeable in most light. Again, polish keeps it looking good. All the electric windows work, some are a little slow, but this is said to be from lack of use.

The sunroof works perfectly, as do the interior lights, including the reading lights for the rear passengers.

The fuel gauge is not working, it stopped a while back, and I intend to have it repaired. The cruise control worked for the first 3 years of ownership, but stopped there after; this will also be repaired.

I drive this car almost every day around the town we live in, as she seems to want to go out. I drive the car as if there was a bride in the back, and this seems to keep any stress off the parts, although I will give her some acceleration as well, just to keep the change down working. The suspension is not as it would have been when new, and new door seals would improve the noise level, but it's still quiet when compared with our 1995 Toyota Camry!

Prior to purchasing this car, every article I read with regard to the XJ6 Jaguar was negative, EG: Oil leak / unreliable engine / pathetic electrics / cost a fortune to service etc.

The truth is our XJ6 series 3 is reliable (the most reliable car I have ever owned!) Oil leaks are very few, the electrics can play up here and there, but I have never replaced a bulb. How many Holdens (even late model ones) do you see with one headlight or no brake lights!

As for servicing? $350.00 per year, parts? All available new, price? Starter motor $300.00, but the first one lasted 24 years, so even if you cut that in half, $300 for 12 years, it's nothing.

There are myths out there about all sorts of things including the Jaguar Series 3. Don't believe everything you read; as long as the car has been looked after, and serviced, not thrashed, or had a Chevy V8 put in it, the Series 3 Xj6 is reliable and superior to any Holden or Ford ever built! I know, because I owned a 1974 HQ Holden when it was 3 years old, and it fell to bits on me, even though I looked after it in the same way I do our Jaguar!

If you look at the build quality of these cars, inside and out, then add to that the engineering and the features in the Sovereign model, including leather seats, sunroof, electric seat adjustment, fog lamps front and rear, headlamp wipers, rear reading lights, full veneer on doors and transmission facia, lambswool over rugs pepperpot alloy wheels, and more, then this is the model to buy!

Remember, Jaguar used the XK engine for 48 years, so keep away from after market Chevy V8 conversions, after market wheels etc, as these add ons only reduce your investment, go for originality and condition.

The Jaguar Series 3 Sovereign is the best $10,500 we ever spent!