2005 Jaguar XJ8 Long Base V8 from North America


I enjoy driving the car whenever I get the chance!!


When the temperature is below 40 degrees, the front air suspension sometimes fails. However, when I keep the car in the garage, the air suspension works correctly.

Also, alarm was going off randomly. The "hood open" warning light would come on. I cleaned the connections to the hood and used liquid wrench spray on the springs and fasteners. This action corrected the problem.

General Comments:

When I test drove the car, I could not believe the quick response. The handling was great. Brand new, this model costs over $60,000. I purchased this luxury vehicle for less than $8,000. It had 95k miles on it, clean service and accident record. The only fix I will have to do to it will be repairing the sunroof. Currently, I just keep it closed.

It has factory chrome Jaguar wheels. New tires, new brakes. I took it to a Jaguar dealership to have it diagnosed and they gave it a clean "bill of health." The service guys were very impressed with the car.

I did not purchase a warranty on the car; I took a big gamble, but I figure if there is a problem, I'll just have to bite the bullet.

I drive the car on the weekends. I have a Ford SUV I use as my daily driver.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2017

2005 Jaguar XJ8 L V8 from North America


!!! Incredible !!!



General Comments:


The best luxury car in the world as far as value.

The best Jags ever manufactured (= 2004 - 2008 XJ8 / XJ8L).

I've had them all and this baby is the best for the money.

Anthony, Temecula, SoCal

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Review Date: 7th July, 2016

2005 Jaguar XJ8 X350 3.5V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Great all alloy construction car; the best luxury cars of its class


The warning light and sign came on occasionally (more like once every three months). It is warning about the light bulb and hand brake. However, it is only the computer management that sometimes cannot locate the equipment, but once the car starts moving, it will find the equipment and the light is gone.

I took her to my Jaguar dealer, and their nice mechanic assessed the car, and confirmed to me that there is nothing wrong with my car at all. This computer thing may make some owners annoyed, but if you get used to a Jag, it is a common thing and you must forgive them. However, in the last 5 months, no warning lights have come up again, and I believe that is a positive sign.

The car did not come with a Jaguar leaper due to the road safety regulations. However, I can put a Jaguar leaper on at my own expense (which I did). I believe that the dealer should be able to give them out and install for free, since it is a symbol of Jaguar in many countries (the regulation allows the owner to modify the car, which mean that he/she can put the leaper on anyway).

General Comments:

Jaguar XJ8 is an exceptional car. I bought the car from a Jaguar dealer during their sales for ex-demonstration cars (the car that are on display in their showrooms, and they let media people test drive them for reviews). The 10 month old car that I manage to buy was around 75% of the original price, but came with all full cover on both the servicing and mechanical warranty.

The car is amazingly powerful, and has very good fuel economy due to its all alloy body construction. The car is also very quiet at a high speeds.

In terms of fuel economy, I compared my Jag with my other cars with the same levels. My XJ8 costs $140 for full tank, and give 540 Kms driving range. My Mercedes Benz S350 costs exactly the same, but gives out only 470Kms, My Lexus LS400 costs the same, and took me only 400 KMs (I am only driving between my house and my office, which is 12 Kms each ways). The best one is my Volvo S80 (2.8 Turbo), which costs $125 and gives out 580 Kms (however, that car has the smallest engine).

The truth still remains that XJ8 is value for money, having a low depreciation, and exceptional status for the money (while my Lexus LS depreciates much quicker, and does not represent as much status).

The car interior is top of the line, I love the electronic handbrake; I don't need to do anything at all while parking on the hill.

The best thing about Jaguar is their exceptional service. Since I used most of the luxury cars in the past 20 years from Lexus, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Jaguar, I am able to say that Jaguar and Volvo have the best after sales service, and the most helpful mechanical service staffs (it is because both vehicles were under the same dealer in New Zealand). While, I took my car for a service, they are often give me a loan car that is either a Volvo V50/S60 or Jaguar X/S-Type. These cars might not be par with my S80 Volvo or XJ8 Jaguar (which is in the service), but for the loan car, it is an exceptional offer (I'm always getting a wee Toyota Corolla for taking my Lexus for a service, and an A/C Class for Benz).

The best part of Jaguar is their seating; the rear leg room is awesome, but the real gem is the heated front seat with heated steering wheel, which is really helpful on the bad winter days.

Compared to my S350 or LS400, driving a Jaguar XJ8 is much warmer, more comfortable, and I believe it is better. My S350 (2004) and LS400 (1999) did not have the heated seats, and that was not helpful on the snowy or rainy days. I am not being biased, as I still love my other cars, but I am being realistic about the after sales service, and the equipment and money.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007