20th Jan 2008, 07:16

I own a 1999 XJ8. It now has 80k on it and it has been nothing, but a headache. The air conditioning compressor broke at 60k, and that was a $1,000 repair. Also, the master cylinder for the brakes went about the same time, costing approximately $800. I am also finding that the paint is beginning to fade, and this car was not parked by the ocean or even outside, it has been garaged since it was new. It is a beautiful car to look at and drive, however it has hardly been trouble free. I do like the way if handles and rides, compared to a Mercedes, however I think my next purchase will be a Lexus, considering I've had Camry's that were totally trouble free. And then there is the issue of resale, which Lexus beats Mercedes and Jaguar hands down.

3rd Nov 2009, 02:27

I have a 1999 XJ8 Jaguar. I just bought it last month and only got I day of riding in it. It has been a big, big headache. The head gasket went out. It overheated causing many problems.

The mechanic said, after he took it apart, that someone had put stop leak in it to cover up the problem so they could sell it to me. I am not happy with the dishonest man who sold it to me.

With the four different fuse boxes to control every little thing, it is now showing 8 more code and problems. The mechanic is still working on it and we still don't know where we are, or how much more it is going to cost.

Oh it rides nice. But I have a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS since it was new. I have 171,000 miles on it and it just wants to keep on going. It had great power.

Why I bought this piece of junk is beyond me. It doesn't even have an adequate cup holder. I put a drink in it and it tipped all over my lap. What a mess. Many hinges are broken, which shows me poor quality.

Once you close the driver door you can't squeeze your hand on the side to re-adjust the seat. How dumb is that?

It only has a cassette player in it. No CDs in the back.

Some of the lights on the temp gauge are missing, so it is hard to even read the numbers.

I have put over $2,000.00 in it above what I paid for it, and I am still going to need much more money to get it in shape.

What a mistake I made. A very costly one. A very upsetting one. I do not recommend this vehicle to anyone who wants joy in their life. Because, all you will get is an empty bank account and migraines.

To me it is just a pretty face with no inner beauty, if you know what I mean.

Anyone want to buy a light green Jaguar? And the Brooklyn bridge.

LD in California

7th Jul 2010, 21:06

To the person above. Sorry someone pulled a fast one on you.

If you get taken for a ride, it doesn't matter what the car is, Camry with nothing but manual stuff or A Ferrari Enzo, it will be a headache. Just that some headaches are bigger than some. If you want joy from a Jag, just don't buy the first leaping cat you come across.

(bold) Get it checked out, research and do it again (bold).

If you want a sure case of a headache, buy a neglected luxury euro car. Aspirin companies will love you.

Jaguars of 1998-1999 are OK car, but it was a new model year in 1998 and thus of course you'll get glitches from hell. I think by 2000. And someone stole your CD player. They usually came with 6 CD changer. European cars up to recently were not known for their superior cup holders as eating, drinking, makeup or doing everything but driving like in the states was pretty alien to them in most cases.

And remember any car that is luxury import will be pricey to maintain compared to the Camry that has the bare minimum. Even a Lexus to a point even though it feels like a Toyota in every way with an L badge. Yet a BMW feels like a BMW. Mercedes feels like a Mercedes. Jaguar at least the XJ8 feels like a Jaguar, even under Ford ownership.

I've seen so many people running around in beat down Camrys with no working AC, smoking up a storm, leaking everything, might start, might not start, windows don't work, trim gone, discolored, paint four shades, a smile on their face. But turn around, decide to upgrade, buy a Euro that's bit older than the Camry, then complain and down the engineering because the engine makes a slight noise.