1982 Jaguar XJS V12 HE 5.3 Ltr V12 from UK and Ireland


It's a love affair!


Technically I have had nothing go wrong with the car, rather put right problems caused by the car being stored for 10 years prior to my buying it.

For peace of mind I changed brake hoses, disks and pads - £100 parts, 1 weekend of my time.

New Transmission mounting plate and spring (a common failing on cars that have been standing for long periods. - £250 at Jag Specialists.

New exhaust pipe (22 year old original unit was getting too rusty, so swapped before it went on me) - I had a stainless steel sports / performance pipe fitted - £700 Made the car sound more "Fruity" too!

Top and bottom front bushes, rear bottom bushes and steering rack bushes worn out through age - several weekends of my own work and a £60 Polly-Bush kit.

2 complete services at £300 each.

Roughly £1,400 in work done, mostly as preventative or running costs that I would have had to pay for on any car!

No rust thanks to over a decade in storage.

General Comments:

It makes me grin... from ear to ear... every time I get behind the wheel!

It has yet to fail me, and I have driven the car harder than most, with several 1,000 mile non stop European trips dispached with grace, pace and comfort. The XJS sit at crawling speed in Central London without a problem, or with just as much ease will cross Germany on the Autobahns at a steady 130 MPH all day long. (Admittedly at that speed the big cat does have a rather bad drink problem, turning in aroun 230 miles to a tank which is close to single figure miles per gallon)

To anyone buying one of these fantastic cars, avoid the rusty, pre-empt problems rather than waiting for that big end to go, and most important of all, be nice to them because they know.. so begineth the affair!

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Review Date: 8th September, 2003

24th Mar 2007, 10:25

Every since I can remember I have always wanted a Jaguar. I would say any Jag would do. On Dec.21,2006 my friend bought me a red 1982 Jaguar XJS HE. I'll never drive anything else again, it is by far the finest automobile I have ever driven.

18th Aug 2007, 00:19

After only three weeks and 1000 miles, I find myself looking forward to every opportunity for a drive in this engineering triumph known as the Jaguar XJ-S. Even commuting to and from work gives one the feeling of time standing still in this machine.

Mine has only been driven 12000 miles in the past 15 years, and quite rigorously maintained as well; new ECU, ignition amplifier, complete dual exhaust, radiator, brake rotors, O2 sensors, new Pirelli's, and much more (I have over $10,000 in receipts). This vehicle was definitely worth the $1475.00 US I paid! A few external leaks were attended to, and so far so good!

This is a VERY smooth ride without sacrificing road feel, and is practically silent even at significant speeds on the highway (90+ mph).

The V12 is very satisfying to drive, especially in this heavy (for its size) car. I'm used to driving big-block American 60's V8 iron, and the XJ-S has more than enough torque for any driving style, yet can actually corner and handle quite well.

All in all, a fantastic vehicle. I haven't had this much enjoyment from a car in a long time.

27th Dec 2007, 12:49

So 5300 miles later no problems except for a leaking front caliper seal. New caliper goes in today ($50.00 US), and this car is still the most intuitive vehicle I've had the pleasure to drive. My 3 year old son loves my "little silver Jag"!

31st Mar 2009, 19:27

9th Nov 2009, 03:47

My "cat" hasn't scratched me too bad as of yet, I had some minor body work done, along with rotors (ouch), got to take apart the rear end to get at the brakes, brakes pads, calipers. Still a dream machine to drive, better than the new Dodge Chargers, Challengers, 300's. I'm addicted to Jaguar's and not much else will do!~!~!~!