1985 Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12 HE from North America


12 cylinder sex on wheels


When purchased, the car had been in storage for five years. The front brake rotors, pads, alternator and the left intermediate exhaust pipe required replacement early on. Later on, the air pump pulley had to be replaced... then the air conditioner clutch came apart. Both were easily repaired.

Driving it every day to and from work keeps it lubricated and limber... no other problems after taking out of storage!

General Comments:

An unbelievable car... 12 cylinders of real British power, a beautiful sweep of the hood (bonnet), a grand roof profile, and a one of the kind rear end, complete with buttresses! Accented like a car should be, with the very best the Earth can produce; wood, leather and chrome.

Loves gasoline... but who doesn't? A turbine-like "woosh" when passing Asian cars whining along at 90 mph.

Is it a classic? It will be soon...

Is it collectible? One at a time, yes.

Does it turn heads? YES, but...

Most of the time the heads are bald and attached to fat guys like me... I was hoping for better. I suppose they see the car and then remind themselves that when young, they promised themselves they would own one when they could. Well, now's the time. The prices will never be lower.

Maybe the only head it really needs to turn is mine, as I look back at her in the parking lot.

Damn, that's a fine looking car!

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Review Date: 9th October, 2009

27th Jan 2010, 04:35

Yeah exactly, I catch myself looking back in the parking lot too when I go grocery shopping or something... ha ha ha... and think to myself how could I have done this to myself... ruined myself for ever driving any other car and loving it as much as I love this one.

Drive one and find out how easy this will happen to you too.

1985 Jaguar XJS HE 5.3 V12 from Australia and New Zealand


A potential supercar for very little money


Alternator failed, replaced with reconditioned unit, no problems since.

General Comments:

This is a great car however it's performance can be vastly improved with a few simple modifications. I have altered mufflers, air filters, new 3.54 differential, added XJR alloys and Pirelli P-zero rubber. It's very quick and is actually using that fantastic race-bred V12.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

1985 Jaguar XJS Coupe 5.3 from Australia and New Zealand


You can't get more car for your money


Alternator charged intermittently, replaced with Bosch 120A unit from 1989+ models.

General Comments:

Previous owner had the serviced religiously and all books were current. Don't buy a Jag that hasn't been looked after.

A beautiful car, I love it, daily transport, has only let me down the once and I was going to upgrade the alternator anyway. Never let it overheat, use a good oil, and try and do as much of the work yourself if possible. Only the wealthy can afford to let someone else look after their Jag.

There are fantastic resources available for the owner/mechanic (Clubs, Internet sites, etc).

When I park it and walk away I can't help looking back over my shoulder. Impractical sure, who needs a 150 MPH 2+2 V12 when you have 4 kids. But I have always wanted one and sometimes you have to just do it.

Don't buy one and neglect it - that is a crime. The car knows, and will treat you with contempt.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2001

29th Jun 2006, 09:35

I agree 100%. I've had mine for a month and love it!! Keep them alive, Tony.