1987 Jaguar XJS Coupe 3.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A delight to drive and own, have not experienced any significant faults so far


Auxiliary fan was seized, easily repaired with an old Mazda motor for $20.

Air-conditioning system doesn't work (job for this spring to sort out).

Air-con solenoid actuator failed - $100 to fix.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car, my wife thinks it looks scary and feels like getting into a jet fighter.

Attracts plenty of looks from other motorists.

Very quiet, and a joy to drive. Petrol consumption is OK (it is only 3.6)

Whilst it has plenty of power, I only feel I am ever using a fraction of it. Great on long cruises.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2006

1987 Jaguar XJS HE Sport 5.3 V12 from UK and Ireland


Without doubt this car is what dreams are made of


Nothing, I have only bought this car recently and my first action was to book it in for a full service and MOT with the intention of rectifying any potential problems before they became problems. The MOT verdict was.

Needed New Bonnet Struts.

Handbrake needed adjusting.

New Brake Disks.

Faulty brake light.

Minor welding to sills.

General Comments:

A car that turns heads and arouses comment wherever it goes.

Unbelievably comfortable and lively to drive if a little light on steering.

The raw power and dimensions takes a bit of getting used to.

About as sexy as a car can get. Totally erotic to drive

The engine gently growls when first fires up, but settles down to a soothing purr, just like a cat.

Pure decadence on 4 wheels, a case of lust at first sight.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2003

3rd Sep 2009, 03:57

I just bought a 1988 XJS, black exterior and tan interior, I am going to see just how "naughty" this cat really is, they just can't be "tamed", so it's best to be REAL nice to them, I'm gonna "spoil" this cat with premium gas, I will always make sure it has the best oil money can buy and often, just to start with.

These cars are so beautiful and have a persona of their own, and if one can think of a repair bill like a vet bill for a prized horse, then one can easily fork over the cash when and if the cat gets "ill".

It will still be easier to spend money on repair bills than it would to fork over thousands and thousands and thousands on a new car with PLASTIC bumpers!~!~!~!

1987 Jaguar XJS Coupe 3.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Oil cooler leak, rocker cover gasket leak, gearbox seal leak, anti-roll bar bushing, electrical problems with speedo and temp gauge, rear diff leak.

General Comments:

Expensive car to maintain when this age but it drives like a dream. Motor tax a disgrace (IRĀ£849)but petrol about 20mpg and 26 - 30mpg on a long run.

A lot of car for the money and it gets attention like no other car.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2000