1988 Jaguar XJS 5.3 from North America


Best value for price for a European sports car


-Water reservoir tank needed replacing.

-All seals and gaskets needed changing.

-Suspension had to be adjusted.

-Some rust areas had to be treated behind the wheel wells- actually the rust was cut out and bodywork done to correct the problem.

- The interior console panel (wood) was cracked. I had to replace this with a black leather one to avoid the problem again.

General Comments:

The vehicle was purchased for under $8000.CAD. I knew that I would have to invest in it's maintenance and care from the start though so the mechanical bills did not catch me off guard.

Overall the vehicle is an attention getter. Clean lines, classic look, and sporty at the same time. No regrets. In total it has cost me about $4500 to date and perhaps another $2000 -2500.00 to go, but there is no way that I could get the treatment from hotel valets and looks of admiration in club line-ups if I had purchased a new $20,000.00 or $30,000 car off a show room.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002

17th Nov 2002, 06:20

It is apparent that you took the time to research your vehicle prior to ownership. I have owned a 88 Jaguar from mile "0" right out of the showroom. Following the manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule is not enough. You have to ensure that you know all aspects of this car right from the tires, to the console light, to the radiator.

1988 Jaguar XJS -V12 5.3 from North America


Great Luxury Sports Car for the Money


Aside from the basic "quirks" with a classic sports car, I have found no major problems with the vehicle.

General Comments:

If you are looking for speed, this is your car. It does 0-100 in 10 seconds and doesn't even breath hard. Solid smooth ride. Seating is a little tight for long legged people. Stereo in mine is LAME! It would buy another one tomorrow, a real head-turner.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2002

3rd Sep 2009, 03:30

We need an "autobahn" here in Canada for our Jaguar XJSs.

24th Jul 2010, 01:41

Definite head turner; the average person has no idea what an XJS is, but loves them anyways.

Love the speed and the balance in time. There is just enough of everything, and you feel really connected to the car, even though it's from the 80s.

If you don't have much funds, but want a classic, and have never experienced a V12, get one! Or at least go for a test drive.

I'm still working on mine after I bought it where it had been parked for almost 15 years, but it is on the road, and needs minor things.

Jags have a way of fixing themselves if you treat them right, and if you maintain them, they are happy and go forever.

Love the Connolly leather and balance of wood inside.

Only negative I can say is they have useless back seats. Even I at 5'9 cannot sit in without my head bumping. But I guess it's expected.

Besides, you only need room for yourself and your lady friend... although there is room for 2-3 bodies in the trunk.

1988 Jaguar XJS 5.3 Liter V12 from North America


Buy as many as you can now and sit on them


No real faults to speak of. The air conditioning compressor seized, but it is a Harris / GM part. Elsewhere, the car is mechanically bullet-proof. Areas of caution are the cooling system (double pass radiator) and the vacuum system operating the heater / de-mister circuits.

General Comments:

Not the fastest off the line with the GM 400 transmission, but it will do an honest 155-160 MPH without complaint. Fuel consumption is moderate for a 326 cubic inch car. Handling is very good, however there is not as much road feel as I would like. Brakes, fortunately are very good. Interior trim is iffy: Dash switches are cheese, but seat stitching and fit is very good.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2002

6th Dec 2003, 21:15

I agree. Buying as many as possible is what I'm planning to do. Driving one of these beauties is just a wonderful experience. My 17 year old car gets as much attention as a new Corvette. In my opinion it is the classiest, most elegant car ever built.

25th Jul 2004, 15:24

"Not the fastest off the line with the GM 400 transmission, but it will do an honest 155-160 MPH without complaint."

I wouldn't complain about that! It's unlikely anyone could or ever would drive much above 110. For normal driving around cities and motorways, these cars are over sized and provide all the power needed. Even with the fairly miserly European engine sizes, these are fast cars.