1991 Jaguar XJS Convertible 5.3 V12 from North America


Wonderful highway car, pure luxury, but can be a money pit


Bushings (too soft).

Rear seals (leak).

Brakes (wear quickly, due to the size/weight of the car).

A/C (compressor).

General Comments:

Great cruiser, kind of scary in heavy traffic, reliable but it seemed something always needed attention. Best suited for a DIY. Very comfortable, dismal gas mileage (combined over time about 12 MPG US), high quality of materials, very nice top and mechanism.

VERY SOLID-SAFE CAR. I was driving around 35-40 and a big station wagon (77 Mercury) pulled in front of me. Head on at a slight angle. Other than the scare, I didn't get a bruise. The SW driver broke his pinker on the steering wheel. I'm looking to buy another, but this time I will convert it to a 5-speed and install roll bars.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2018

1991 Jaguar XJS Classic 5.3 from North America


Trouble car - unsatisfied


Very disappointed.

At first the car would not start; replaced the starter and it did not start.

Replaced the ECU, and fuel pump and relay. It finally started, then it was burning too much fuel. Changed the spark plugs and still the same, changed the fuel injector assembly and that did not fix it. Replaced the coolant temperature sensor and that was the problem.

Drove around neighborhood for a couple of times, and then took a 40 minute ride, came back home and parked it. The next day I tried to start it and it did not, after all I had spent to get it running.

I checked for power at the coil plug, and there is power, but no power is sent to the wires, no power at the crankshaft sensor plugs, and the top won't work either. Also the radio and the window regulators. I checked all relays and fuses; they seem to be OK. I'm afraid that the ECU has gone.

If any of you know about this problem with this model, please send a comment and I will try your suggestion. Thanks for reading my complaint.. Thank you.

General Comments:

Unsatisfied with this car. Never had a problem like it.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2008

1991 Jaguar XJS 3.6 Auto 3.6 from UK and Ireland


Long live the character and shape of the XJS


Hopefully you will already know how good an XJS is for comfort, ride quality and driving pleasure.

Problems have been confined to a leaking oil cooler/pipe joint and a blocked air conditioning valve which was replaced on a re gas / new receiver dryer.

General Comments:

Comparing th 3.6 AUTO to several V12s I have owned I have to say that fuel economy on a daily basis has improved by 25%+. This makes it useable as an everyday XJS. It pulls well and is smooth/quiet.

Go for a later ZF 4 speed auto with cruise control.

Personally I find the sports pack suspension a little choppy compared to standard. I am looking to go for a new set of standard spec dampers (shock absorbers)

Make no mistake the 5.3V12 is still one of the smoothest power engines around even after 30 years of production.

In summary an XJS is still a modern classic which can be used everyday. It puts a smile on my face each morning I get into it for work. Looks so right.

Maintain them on the regular basis and they will reward you...

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Review Date: 27th April, 2007

9th Dec 2014, 12:08

Hi, how can this leak from the oil cooler, where it connects to the pipe on the 3.6 XJS, be fixed? I have the same problem with my 1990 3.6 XJS, and tried to undo or tighten the pipe, but it seems to be seized and I am afraid I will break it if I use too much force..? Anyone out there who fixed this problem already?

1991 Jaguar XJS 5.3L V12 from North America


The car is a very good, very unique vehicle, It has speed, handling, convertible fun, and loves 94 o


Have had parking brake repaired, which required replacement of rear calipers and pads. This was required for state inspection.

Rear brakes are now squeaking, this may now cause me to have the rear rotors replaced.

Heated seats don't work.

Power door locks don't work well.

Interior map lights don't function properly.

Had the oil sending switch replaced, it was leaking oil.

General Comments:

This car is very solid. My first impression of it was that it is a large, heavy car. Upon sitting in it though, it becomes smaller, or at least feels smaller. There is not a lot of extra space around the driver or passenger.

A driver has to use the accelerator pedal to really enjoy the potential of this car.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2005