22nd Jul 2010, 17:10

Hey, I am looking into buying a 1987 XJS V12 coupe with 80,000 miles. I noticed you both replaced bushings. I do know that Jaguars require a good amount of mechanical knowledge, or money, I was just wondering how much approximately things like bushings may cost, and if there is any other parts that are common to need replacing due to age?

Thank you


24th Jul 2010, 01:51


As with any car reaching this age, a lot of rubber needs replacing, and the ones that came from the factory weren't that great.

That being said, there isn't anything in particular that is different from any other car.

You don't need to be especially mechanically inclined. The trick on these cars is everything is stuffed into the engine bay because of the large engine, and many things are put together well, so it's difficult to get to.

My biggest advice is be patient and do it right; these cars reward you for that.

My car has a lot of personality, and I am sure all of them do. So treat it right, and it will do the same to you.

Only thing I can mention maintenance wise off the top of my head that's any different, is you should check the brake system.

These vehicles come from a time when Europe and the US were using different rubbers. A lot of people put regular brake fluid in these cars and ruined the seals.

You have to put LMA or Girling in these unless you change out the rubber and update it. Not sure if you buy one from the 90s though.

I am going to have to rebuild my master cylinder, because the last guy put DOT3 into it.

Other thing that's mentionable, is put water wetter or some kind of coolant helper in, because these big engine can run hot.

And oh yeah, don't get freaked out when you turn the car off, then the electric fan stays on; it's just helping cool the car down.

First time I did this, I thought the car was still running.