2nd Jan 2003, 09:55

Absolutely right? You must know about this car in order to drive it. Before this one, I had an 83 XJ6 and I have developed a sensitivity for old Jags. If you don't have money to fix it, then don't buy it. But if you do buy this Jag, then you can expect that every time you drive it you will get attention! I love this car! It is the perfect blend of performance and style. Seriously, it has a fluid and quiet V12, and it is a long and low sports coupe. The car is an instant classic with its distinct Jaguar styling reminiscent (but not retro) of its XK and E Type predecessors.

14th Apr 2003, 15:18

The XJS appealed to the white-collar types that knew very little (or took very little interest) in it's maintenance requirements. Most of the time these gents / ladies would own these cars for 3 to 5 years and then re-lease something else, therefore the maintenance was never followed. When you are buying a pre-owned XJS, just make certain that you judge the type of person you are buying from. If they are mechanically savvy, then best bet is they took care of this puppy. If they can't change a spark-plug, then be prepared$$$

28th Feb 2008, 09:07

My grandfather bought this car back in 88 right off the showroom floor for $78,000 CAN. Now,20 years later he is giving it to me for my 16th birthday. Now, the only problems that we have encountered with this car is the leather stitching had to be re-done, the wood-den dash had to be re furnished and the power pump steering is leaking. But other than that the car is mint. It is the best sports car for the $.

21st Aug 2008, 11:19

I am looking for a Jaguar XJS from 1986-1990, and I have come across three cars where the transmissions were rebuilt. I am wondering if this is a common problem with the XJS or if I just came across some lemons. I can't seem to find any info on these cars or their transmissions problems,so If anyone knows about this problem please write back, I need all the help I can get before I buy an XJS.


3rd Sep 2009, 03:18

Apparently the transmission on the XJS was virtually indestructible, that is what I read, so read some more and see what you come up with.

I own a 1987 XJ6 and the transmission is still going strong, I am not sure if it is the same transmission that is in the XJS, but mine has never been rebuilt, and there is 114,000 miles on it, same with the motor.

29th Oct 2009, 11:59

I got lucky and found a garage queen. It was originally purchased by the CEO of Intel back when he first made VP in '87. His wife didn't like the feel of the leather seats in Phoenix, so it had sheepskins put on the first month. He sold it to her hair dresser's friend in 2001 when he made CEO of Intel at 50,000 miles.

The new owner only put on 400 miles in the following two years, and parked it in 2003 because it cost her $225 at the dealer to get a stuck tape out of the tape player. It was only started every month or two by the time I found it in March of 2008.

When I found out about this garage find, I approached the owner. It just so happened that her husband was ready to divorce her if she didn't get rid of some of the stuff around the house. He told me that if I gave him $3K, I could take it now; BEST deal I ever made.

I purchased it at 50,423 and put on Fitapaldi mags and of course new tires, and Euro lights. I flushed the cooling system, replaced the thermostats (made 0.06 bleed holes in them), and flushed the fuel system. It now has 69,800 on it a year and a half later, and still runs flawlessly.

I love this car more than any of the Vettes, or other performance cars I have ever had. Pay a little attention to it, and it will show you a whole new world, and look timeless while doing it.