2005 Jaguar XK8 4.2 from North America


A true modern classic -- and a lot of car for the money!


Nothing, except a couple of the power seat adjustment controls don't do much of anything except make a vague humming noise.

General Comments:

The convertible model may not be the most practical in the Jaguar line-up if you have a family, as the back seat is pretty much unusable for anything but pets (with very well-trimmed claws) and groceries (that don't leak)... but if it's just for you and a special someone? Oh my goodness, who cares!?!

I swear, the 2003-2006 XK8 has to be one of the best deals out there in the luxury used car field. These are the best years of the 1997-2006 run -- they finally got it right, mechanically and reliability-wise. Originally priced in the lofty $70,000+ range, a nice one can be found for $11-19,000. The substantial V8 is surprisingly good on gas, especially on the highway. Parts and service are not really an issue, but it's a good thing to find a repairman who knows what he's doing and has some passion for the brand.

All that practicality and financial stuff aside, let's be honest -- the car is sex on wheels! The rich leather, build quality, appointments, history, the "British-ness", and gazing upon that amazing, full-width slab of burl walnut in front of you when you're cradled in the driver's seat -- priceless, really. You're driving a true modern classic.

A checklist:

Drop-dead gorgeous from every angle -- check.

Powerful and smooth -- check.

People will assume that you're much more wealthy, intelligent, confident, sporty, and sybaritic (you should look that up) than you really are -- check.

People will point, nudge and whisper, "Oooh, he/she drives a Jag convertible!" -- check.

They might also assume that you're a Newport Beach trophy wife (or husband), a successful hair stylist, a celebrity, or having a midlife crisis -- double check -- but again, who the heck cares!?!

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Review Date: 19th August, 2015

2005 Jaguar XK8 Convertible 4.2 V8 from North America


A beautiful car to own and drive


The main gasket to seal the convertible roof leaked, however Jaguar replaced it with a very professional service at the Jaguar dealer in Cincinnati.

General Comments:

The Jaguar XK8 convertible is a superb blend of design and engineering.

The handling of the car is excellent, and is peerless on a long run. It is a real pleasure to drive and exhilarating from start to finish.

The finish internally is excellent, and the outside shape constantly attracts favourable comments from passers by.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2006