2002 Jeep Cherokee Sport 3.7 V6 from South Africa


Bad like the devil


The engine totally failed. The engine started to knock, and when inspected the one crankshaft bearing started to rotate in the conrod bore. This resulted in conrod, oil pump, crankshaft and hydraulic valve lifter damage. The cost to repair was R25000. This car was serviced on time every time. I bought it from a lady and it had a full service history. Aftermarket pirate parts are very scarce for this vehicle.

General Comments:

It's very comfortable. Extremely heavy on fuel. Between 5 and 7 km/L.

Very expensive parts from the dealer.

Exhaust tone is nice.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2017

2002 Jeep Cherokee KJ Sport (Liberty in the USA) 2.4 from UK and Ireland


I like it, it gives me joy to drive it


Since I got a used one, I am happy with the vehicle.

I like the hard seats, which are good for myself on long drives.

The design was the main reason I bought it in first place.

Unfortunately it is rear drive and switchable to 4x4. When driven on wet roads, it is very easy to override it and the front axle will go in a direction you do not like - get your foot off the accelerator and it's fine. Too much speed.

Overall I am happy with my purchase.

Maybe just the head room for the passenger and driver should be an extra inch or two.

General Comments:

I am really happy what I got. Except the previous owner did not take good care of the vehicle.

I think the money I spent on it is fair for the age and miles.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2015

2002 Jeep Cherokee from North America


Ignition locked up now cannot shift to normal. can anyone help me?

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Review Date: 17th October, 2003

31st May 2005, 11:46

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee is at my place of employ now. Locked steering column, can't move the gear shaft and key won't turn. Seems like Chrysler needs to recall, the car is just out of warranty at 37,000. Otherwise, this (our second jeep) has been great.

11th Jan 2011, 22:01

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee have bad gas mileage, and it seems like it has no power.

2002 Jeep Cherokee Sport Plus 2.5 CRD from Netherlands


The new Cherokee, a big step in the right direction


No problems at all, just had the oil changed at 20.000 and 40.000 km and that is it.

So instead of seeing the dealer 3 to 4 times a year with all kind of problems (with my old Cherokee), I only see them every 9 months for an oil change.

General Comments:

After owning a 1998 Cherokee diesel, we bought the new Cherokee CRD.

The 2002 Cherokee is a totally different SUV compared to the 1998 model, it is a much smoother drive and the new engine is much more powerfulll.

Also the 2002 model is much bigger, you sit much higher and this gives you a better look on the road ahead.

The 2002 model drives in a straight line without any corrections and it corners much better.

To be honest, my wife never liked to drive the 1998 Cherokee, but she loves to drive the new one and so do I.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2003

11th Jul 2003, 01:28

Hi, Rob here from Australia.

Yes the new Cherokee is a little beauty, I ordered one last week and can't wait to drive it home.