2003 Jeep Cherokee from North America


Jeep is a TERRIBLE choice


When I first purchased this vehicle, I had to replace the fuel injector for $150.00.

Then only 4 months from that date, I had to replace the passenger side window regulator, which went out. That cost $225.00.

Now only shortly after that, the blend door actuator has gone and the wiring harness has melted inside its housing, making a complete mess.

If you know anyone that wants to purchase a Jeep, warn them because it is a piece of crap. Pray God makes a way so I can hurry up and get rid of this Nightmare.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2007

2003 Jeep Cherokee KJ 2.8 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Serves its purpose well



General Comments:

Great tow vehicle. Not great for off Roading as too easy to damage sills which are fairly low to the ground. Need a ladder to clean the roof.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2006

21st Apr 2006, 11:30

Cherokees are not KJ's.. they are XJ's and the KJ are the crappy Liberty's and also in North American the Cherokee wasn't made past 2001.

28th Jun 2007, 04:16

Have had quite a few issues on my 2003 KJ Cherokee Sport.

Serious oil leak at the rear of the engine. (60K)

Blown heat seal on an injector. (70K)

No1 injector failed causing the vehicle to stop and required towing. (70K)

A number of smaller issues that normally don't occur on a vehicle with low Kms.

Cost of spare parts are just out of this world.

1 injector - $1300

No confidence in the vehicle.

I am bailing out.

2003 Jeep Cherokee Grand Laredo Inline 6 from North America


Dream or nightmare..


I have had to replace one of the calipers.

The front end is totally out of alignment, and needs offset ball joints to be repaired completely (mucho $$$). Although this is a pain, it can be dealt with.

My biggest problem is when I'm driving and the tranny gets to the highest gear, I hear a whine coming from the powertrain. I'm not sure whether it is in the driveline or differential. It's really annoying, and it seems that when the Jeep hits that gear, that the truck has a 10% power loss. Anyone know what could be causing this sound?

General Comments:

Love the style... the rest sucks...

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Review Date: 25th July, 2005

2003 Jeep Cherokee CRD 2.8 turbo diesel from South Africa


Jeep Cherokee is NOT worth spending money on!


From day one the vehicle had a vibration when it is driven at speeds exceeding 100km per hour. This is very irritating and is a terrible driving experience. The vehicle has been back to the dealership numerous times for repairs, but to no avail. The latest correspondence from the dealership and Daimler Chrysler is that it is a "characteristic" of this model! It is hard to believe that a premium branded product such as Jeep displays such a poor "characteristic" (Noisy and vibrates)! I was not told of this "characteristic" when I bought the vehicle. I would advise any potential buyer of this model to make sure that he or she is happy with this "characteristic", especially when you are going to spend at least two hours a day in your Jeep like I do.

General Comments:

The Jeep Cherokee gives a terrible driving experience. I will not advise anyone to buy this vehicle unless you are sure that you get what you pay for. Don't let the looks and the brand deceive you, because all the positives could be overshadowed by the bad "characteristics" of the vehicle.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2004

28th Oct 2008, 16:33

A number of websites list vibration above 60mph (100km) as a problem on these vehicles - apparently caused by mis-aligned drive shafts. This can be fixed.

2003 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A nice car, but my one certainly has its problems


7000 miles: Brake disks required to be replaced due to warping.

12000 miles: Spark plugs replaced due to fault.

20000 miles: Fan Belt tensioner replacement, due to failure.

Clutch replacement due to part 'breaking up'.

Engine flywheel replacement due to Hairline cracking.

3 weeks waiting time for parts to arrive from America...!!!

General Comments:

The Jeep Cherokee is an absolute delight to drive and well proven off-road. However, you will note the aforementioned problems which has proven most annoying to say the least.

I love the car, but would have second thoughts about buying another one because of my experiences.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

7th Sep 2004, 11:19

Since the original report. My jeep has had new disks on the rear end and is currently awaiting to have a new boot fitted to the front drive shaft.