2012 Jeep Cherokee Limited 3.7L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


I bought a Jeep =( I sold my Jeep =)


Very poor fuel economy.

Very poor space in the footwell (RHD models).

Expensive parts and servicing.

Uncomfortable for long distance driving.

General Comments:

Regretful purchase (see above). Not many positive things I can comment on with these cars. If you are also considering a Dodge Nitro, you are pretty much buying the same thing.

Jeep can be very costly for service/parts, but slightly cheaper than Euro brands.

Buying a Jeep can be a lucky dip, as I've met many unlucky souls cursing that they spend more time at the local service departments than driving their car.

You will also get to know your local petrol station attendant very well, as you will be seeing him quite regularly unless you're prepared to take weeks off work to go on a hunt for a rare diesel model.

Sad to admit... I bought a Jeep.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2015

19th Apr 2015, 06:57

Hi. During the 50,000 km you owned the Jeep, what issues did you have with it?