2014 Jeep Cherokee Sport 2.5L from North America


Looks good, but that's about it


The 9 speed automatic transmission was a disaster for the first 3500 km. For a while, I thought it would fail in the street because it would knock so hard when shifting.

Then or should I say "And at the same time" the phone linked to the computer went out of whack, not just once but a few times, and I had to leave it at the dealership every time and pick it up at the end of the day (no loaner).

Then the computer went, taking with it the 5 inch screen, so I couldn't see with the camera anymore while backing up (this was a option that I paid for). Again the phone link went... When they changed the computer, the screen did not show 5 inches anymore but 4. Chrysler/Jeep customer service said that that was normal. But I said that I paid for a 5 inch screen and not a 4 inch. The service department at Chrysler Canada didn't seem to care about that...

All in all, I lost my Cherokee at least 8 times to the dealership for the whole day so they could try and fix what had to be fixed.

And after less that 14 months, I got rid of it and I'm happy I did even, though I lost a lot.

General Comments:

Don't get a 4 cylinder; it's very noisy and isn't good on miles/gallon (l/100km).

If you decide to buy one, be sure to get an extended warranty because of the automatic transmission.

If you buy one in Canada, be sure your dealer is going to back you if and when you need to deal with Chrysler/Jeep Canada, because they have prepared arguments and the customer is almost never right.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2015

2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0 turbo diesel from Turkey


The car is only OK


Nothing, it's just that the car is delivered with very cheap tires; make sure you get all-weather tires before you get one.

General Comments:

The new Jeep Cherokee has the best looks and a distinctive interior design, and you feel comfortable and safe in the car. The driving is easy and fun. I enjoy driving the car on motorways and it's easy to handle the car in small narrow streets. But when it comes to outdoor driving, even on thin snow, the car is weak. The 4x4 system is weak and does not give the comfort of driving the old Jeep Cherokee. It's a shame about the cheap tires and poor 4x4 system.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2015

9th Feb 2015, 20:40

I'll bet a lot of those problems are from the 2.0L engine, which seems really small for such a large vehicle, regardless of its specs or tuning. It probably lacks the power to adequately move the vehicle in offroad situations, especially in 4x4, which eats power from the motor.

7th Mar 2015, 03:56

I agree on the 4x4 system. Basically, newer designs transfer torque to the rear when the front slips. It is your worst enemy on a slippery road. A progressive coupling t-case like the NV247 (Quadra-Trac II) found on 2nd generation WJ Grand Cherokee does the contrary. Rear first. The torque split to the front will get you back on track.

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk 3.2 V6 from North America


Your soccer Mom can climb Everest in comfort


Nothing so far...

General Comments:

Terrific new SUV from the 4X4 masters from Jeep. The interior befits a mid-level luxury car, and is light years ahead of the Patriot or other older Jeep SUVs. The Trailhawk is actually able to go off-road where other wannabes will be useless or more likely damaged. Real AT tires, locking rear differential, skid plates and other features allow rock crawling; this is the Jeep you can drive to a nice dinner or up the mountain pass.

The V6 is smooth and strong enough with the new 9 speed transmission just humming through the gears. The 2.4 Tigershark might be enough for the lesser FWD models, but it would be anemic pulling the full-time 4WD of the Trailhawk. The fuel mileage as usual has been much lower than EPA estimates, especially with city driving in winter temps.

The Trailhawk just looks so nice with the special wheels and tires, the swoopy lines and the model specific colors. Ours is in Anvil, kind of a blue/gray that stands out in a parking lot. We cross shopped a RAV4, our previous vehicle for 8 years. It may be higher ranked for reliability, but it was about as exciting as a new stove. The interior was boring and the infotainment system paled in comparison to the 8.4 inch screen in the Jeep. The heated steering wheel and seats just make the Jeep a nicer place to be in the winter.

So looking forward to some mild off-roading this spring/summer with the family.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2015