7th Aug 2007, 13:34

P.S. pneumatic risers for the hatch cost $10 at Pep Boys. Go buy some and replace them yourself. It will take you a whole 3 minutes.

18th Oct 2007, 14:58

A Jeep is a man's car -- when it breaks fix it -- if you're a chick have your boyfriend fix it. There's always a nice sensible Honda waiting for people who want perfection.

17th Mar 2008, 13:45

Unfortunately, our "sport" followed the same path as yours. The only difference being that the next step for us was a new engine at 120,000 miles. This little inconvenience cost us $5400 and we were told by the dealer that this was not unusual for that model! Good luck with yours.

25th Apr 2008, 18:21

Uhhh brake and tire wear can greatly be affected by your driving style. It's a Jeep, not a sports car. Respect it and it will respect you...

14th May 2008, 18:50

To those that read this, this Cherokee seems to be the exception, not the rule. Many Cherokees have well over 200k and are still going strong. The automatic transmission is very durable, and the 4.0 I6 will last for ever. I have heard one report of a 1991 Cherokee with over 700k on the original engine and transmission. Sure there may be little things that go, but overall it is a very good vehicle. I have 120k on my 2000 Cherokee, with very few problems, and I do drive it like I stole it. I did the brakes at about 75k, and they've been fine since. I've been driving around and through NYC for the past 5 years with this car, and believe me, it's been through a lot. Use quality parts, and you'll get a good result. Also, to the original post, not driving a car is just as bad as driving the hell out of it.

12th Jun 2008, 06:26

The newer 4.0 liter engines have experienced problems with cracked heads due to a casting/design problem... some crack and some don't. The older 4.0 is bulletproof as is the Aisin automatic transmissions used in the Cherokee.

Every model has their lemons...don't blow off someone's bad experience as complaining unless you know that the vehicle has been abused.

7th Nov 2008, 15:51

I have owned my used 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport for over 4 years now. The only things we have had to replace (knock on wood) are the brake pads, tires, and oil. We are about to get new struts and shocks. This Jeep has been driven across the continental US, up and down the California coast, back and forth to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and everywhere in between. This vehicle has never been a luxury SUV. It is meant to be taken into rough driving conditions. The first comment talked about tire wear, which sounds to me like they were buying crappy tires! My current tires have lasted 5 years! I have to question why this person chose a vehicle they obviously knew nothing about! Jeeps are for people who like to go do outdoor activities and need a reliable solid piece of machinery, not a smooth riding, cruiser! Research your purchases and you won't be so shocked next time! Jeez! I LOVE MY JEEP!!!

3rd Dec 2008, 08:21

Mmmm... eah, I LOVE MY JEEP! I have experienced problems that are similar to the original posters. My two front speakers (driver and passener door) no longer work. Can't tell you how many times I have had friends take apart the front door panels to look at the wiring. BE CAREFUL not to bend the automatic auto lock (as I did), so now I just have to use the key to manually lock. My rods for my back door have also went, just recently. I figured I could get them at the local auto repair parts dealer.

Keep on JEEPING!!!

4th Jan 2009, 03:12

Easy to say keep fresh oil in it and drive it nice and it'll be fine. Experiences very like everything. I bought an 88 Grand Am that consumer's reports said was a poor vehicle. That was 227,000 miles ago with the original clutch still in it. I'm sure others who bought this same make and model suffered. The next time you get a bad car, someone else can say it's great then and tick you off. Let people give their opinion. I can make my own mind up without those telling me they have driven cross country etc. up hill both ways through floods, snow, and oceans. I read these sites to see the negatives and note common problems with vehicles. If you want to toss a good review in, great. Leave off the finger pointing.

23rd Jan 2009, 22:12

Jeep went downhill after 96, sorry to say but after that the upgrades and changes were okay until 98 when they went to hell... the 2000 is too much of a girl car, my 96 and 98 sports were much more reliable and didn't have all the extra computer crap that I don't need... I don't need a damn compass... just a good engine and after 99 that's when the Sport lost it. LOVE JEEP THOUGH!

3rd Feb 2009, 09:37

I was loving my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport until recently. In December, I had to replace the radiator, thermostat, power steering pump, alternator, serpentine belt and a few other things. Now (2 months later) I'm finding myself with it broken down again. It only has 120,000 miles on it. I've had the brakes and rotors replaced twice as well. I didn't realize that it was a common thing to have both front speakers go out because mine went out as well about 6 months ago. I think my problem this time is the head gasket but it could be a few other things. I have put every mile on this vehcile and I drive it everyday. I have done all the usual maintenance on it (oil changes, etc...) in the hopes it would last me for awhile.

3rd Feb 2009, 19:52

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport which I purchased with 60K on it. This is my 1st SUV and I love it. No problems to speak of.

The front speakers went out, but that's an easy fix.

Driver door regulator went out and that is an easy fix as well.

Right now I have 190K on my Jeep and have been using a high mileage oil when I hit 100K.

Rotors are common to warp due to heat and poor quality of rotor material. Upgrade to a slotted type rotor with a good brake pads and you're good to go.

I just bought my son a Cherokee Sport with 144K and didn't blink when I handed the money over. GOOOOO JEEEEEEEEPERS!!!

PS no major problems I own 3 Jeeps!!! (2) sports I6 (1) 4.7HO.

8th Feb 2009, 11:47

I have owned 4 Jeep Cherokees, '88, '94' '98 and a 2000. I am still running the '98 and the 2000.

The '98 has been built into a serious off-roader and has covered 124,000 miles with over 1/3 of them off-road.

The 2000 is relatively stock and used as my daily driver. It has gone 177,000 trouble free miles.

The Cherokee has an extremely good reputation as one of the toughest, easiest to maintain and one of the easiest to build-up vehicles for serious off-road duty. I do nearly all of my maintenance work and modifications in my shop at home.

The 4L six is known for its durability and huge torque curve, stretching from just off idle to near red-line.

Yes, there are some vehicles no matter the manufacturer, that are just "bad". My Nissan truck that kicked a timing belt and destroyed the cylinder head didn't sour me on Nissans, just vehicles with timing belts. Which is nearly every Japanese manufactured vehicle.

As I write this, TRUCKS on TV is doing a Cherokee build-up.