20th Sep 2002, 02:38

I have just bought a 79 Jeep Cherokee Chief, one of 24 known models in Australia and love it. Good solid drive-line, generally solid everywhere. It is a pleasure to drive, road handling feels better than a lot of late model 4WD's.

I chose the jeep over a Bronco of the same vintage because it is a better quality vehicle and priced considerably lower than the Ford (in Australia that is).

My only gripe with it is it has an intermittent wiper problem that someone maybe able to help me with. The previous owner mentioned it may be a bad ground. I have searched for a ground with no luck.

If anyone can help with a solution it would be much appreciated.


Contact: jeff171@hotmail.com.

3rd Jun 2006, 21:16

Hey All!!!

My husband just recently bought a 79 Jeep Cherokee for an awesome deal. And we were wondering if anyone had any pictures because he was looking at adding some things to it... He wants to see any pictures that anyone may have. Please forward any pictures to this email tinyrumbolt@hotmail.com. Any pictures that anyone can forward would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all!!!

5th Sep 2006, 13:48

I recently bought a 1979 Chief, and I love it. Every time I drive it, it brings a smile to my face. Most fun car I ever bought. I'm still amazed at the reactions I get from people at the gas station and on the road.

It's in excellent condition and I had it converted to drive on LPG, because the petrol in Holland is very expensive at the moment. It runs at 4-1/2 km to the liter, but even then it's cheaper than running on petrol. And because it's older than 25 years, I don't pay any tax on it anymore :)

It's burgundy metal with a gloss black roof; I know it sounds dodgy, but it looks very nice.

Future plans are new carpeting and trying to get the upholstery back to original. On the technical side, I need the engine to be overhauled because it's starting to use some oil, but for the rest, no big problems.

I do the maintenance like changing oil, spark-plugs etc myself, but for major things I bring it to the Jeep dealer, who specializes in older models.